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UBC-TV Lands Deals with Roku and Amazon Prime; The State of Media and Tech



Happy 2017 EVERYONE!  This will be a very interesting year indeed.  New regulations in media and business. It’s indeed the wild west.  2016 was a very unusual year but it was a groundbreaking year for my company UBC-TV.   Besides the heartbreaking losses of many icons and legends and the stressful election; I can say the year was good.   If anyone knows anything about me; I am committed to expressing creativity that is not in a box.  Too many companies do the same ole same ole and it has become boring to most people. What I saw in 2016 was a lean towards more diversity in story telling and the way stories are told.  Also more openness to getting new producers and talent into the mix.

I feel the world has kind of caught up with me in some ways. I have for years talked about multi-platforms before they became sexy.  Now we are in fact in a multi-platformed world. So exciting yet only at its beginning.  Time will tell what new companies emerge and what companies fold. It’s for sure that brands and  media companies who continue to do their business in a box will not survive the new world of the way things are evolving into. The customer is now the one who has the power to choose and companies are now being called out for things that in the past would not even register.  I attended many high level corporate gatherings last year where there were many white haired men and women from legacy companies in the room looking for answers on how to retain their market share and capture the elusive ‘millennial market’.  I am happy that they are getting it…. finally.  At CES they always say, ‘Innovate or Die’. This past CES hit records as now technology and the Internet of Things are catching on and consumers are now demanding choice and access to content, goods and services when and where they choose and on multiple platforms.  It’s a bit exhausting on some levels because there is so much choice; which I feel will shake out soon. Also depends upon how the FCC changes the rules with the new administration. Pai has been chosen to lead the FCC so the playing field will get drastically smaller which means less choice for some. I am sure we independents will find a way to overcome that. I am an advocate for a more open internet.  But that will be seen and it will not happen without a fierce fight; as with many other things.  What it has done is opened and leveled the field.  As cable channels now run to OTT and other platforms; it has opened up a great need for diversity of content and programming.

Finally the industry gets that the world and that this country is one that is diverse with tastes that run the gammit.   Consumers are no longer satisfied with the same old story, cast with the same old formulas where we see no people of color, no women in strong roles and no LGBTQ characters. Shows like ‘This is Us’ and ‘Modern Family’ have changed the landscape and companies like Netflix, Apple and Google has pushed the envelope into a new reality of which the old gate keepers now have to LET GO of the door and let others come in. Some are doing it willingly and others are still in the old control mode. Either way, the change is upon us and it is a good thing. Mobile phones are now our new offices and computers. So where do we go from here? As Ralph Kramden said in the ‘Honey Mooners’, to the MOON ALICE!!  LOL!

That being said; I am happy to announce that my company UBC-TV has landed deals with Roku and Amazon Prime!  We will deliver original content in various ways; on demand and via channels worldwide on multiple platforms that will include television.  The deals don’t end there. We are in talks with a other major content distributors that will be announced as the deals are completed.  I am very excited as this gives me the playing field to create some really great original programming and to cut deals with really great content providers that others are passing by.  Content is King and Queen. Period. It’s the life blood of any media company or network.  In the next few months you will see UBC-TV take its steps out into the spotlight. I have been working tirelessly to pull the things together that have to be done in order to make this sort of move.  It’s not as easy as it may seem; I am sure a lot of my colleagues agree with me. But its gives me great satisfaction to be able to create and distribute to audiences that are hungry to see themselves as the hero and the heroines; finally.  We plan on doing our soft launch this spring and marching onward and making announcements about our line-up.  Our website will offer a more engaging experience as we move forward with implementing new technology and experiences for our subscribers.  I have had a lot of time and experiences to shape and mold this vision. I have seen others fail and I have seen others succeed. Now it is time to move on to the next level for UBC-TV. I hope you all continue to follow us on our journey.  Please LIKE our Facebook and Twitter pages at UBCTVNETWORKS.  A lot of new show pages are beginning to appear there and you will find out first what’s going with us  on our Facebook pages before we make public media announcements.  Last words;  Stay with what you believe in. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You gotta be in it to win it!!

Stay tuned for more updates on UBC-TV and its programming line-up and events.  We have other major surprises in our hat!  We also plan on having  events where our supporters can come out and engage with us one on one!!

Stay Tuned!!

Peggy D

Why I Vote And So Should You!





I am voting on November 8th and so should  you.  You have to be involved in the process in order to make change.  This has been a very intense, violent and angry election. I am so shocked but part of me is not shocked. It’s a tale of two reactions.  I am shocked that so much hate still exists in this country; another part of me is not so shocked.  Maybe it’s just I hoped that humans would have evolved a bit more than what I am seeing.  This country definitely has many issues of race, sexuality, the glass ceiling and other things. We are a democratic country with a slave mentality.  It’s very bipolar.

There has to be a great healing in order to move forward. I feel it begins with communication and admission of the horrors that have been done.  It takes people embracing culture of others, building bridges instead of walls; giving everyone the opportunity to grow, expand and take advantage of opportunities to be the best they can be. Not just a select few or the very wealthy.  It also means taking a look at real history; not the select history that is chosen to be in the history books. There is a Living History in every one of us waiting to be told. There are many people of many races and cultures that helped this country to become what it is but few are even acknowledged.

The voting rights act has been amended and changed to look like something of a nightmare. Why do we have to continue to vote on extensions? It is unfair and totally biased for this to have to continue to be voted on.

Nevertheless, our ancestors died to give us the opportunity to cast our vote on how and who runs the country and its officials on all levels from City, State and Federal. We must remember that if we want to change how the police or any official treats us, we need to vote on all levels including Midterm Elections not just National Elections. Judges, Commissioners, District Attorneys all have to be elected. If we want to make changes we need to be aware of who is running and their backgrounds; do your research.  We have to stop pointing fingers and do the work that has to be done in order to make this world a better place.   We must practice what we say on Sunday in church or in our mediation or whatever your spiritual choices are. It begin with Love. Simple but not so it seems.

I know that this election is very important and I am in it to win it. To do my part in making choice and not just complaining about what is wrong.  I hope you are too. No matter who you vote for at least get out there and cast it. I am praying that the world can come together and stop this racism, hate, separation and dysfunction that I have seen grow over the past few years. This year I have seen it intensify.   I feel there are good people in this country who believe in coming together and not apart. I feel confident that we are a strong people and will get through this stressful time and get on a better track. The people who hate are full of fear and insecurity. They believe that hate rules and fear is the tool to use to get the results they want and need.  I believe in love and I believe that we shall overcome this time and move into a new era. On that note I am voting and you should too. Lets come together and make this world a better place for all.



Hey Everyone!! Hope your summer has been great! Its the last few weeks before we go back to work so lets stop and smell the roses! I have been very busy this summer and UBC-TV is taking off. We have launched our streaming channels and we now have shows on our site for your enjoyment. We are on our way to our next distribution levels which will include OTT and cable. We have a wonderful show thats the next new American Idol thats called STARS UNLEASHED.  I am excited to say that I am on the cover of Bronze Magazine! UBC-TV has been getting more national attention these days and its only the beginning.

Enjoy the article, it will give you a bit more insight on UBC-TV, my vision for it and a bit more about who I am and why I am creating this wonderful venture.

Remember to LIKE us on Twitter, Facebook and our blog to stay up to speed with all the UBC-TV happenings!



Peggy D

Why We Should Give Thanks!

This is the time of year where things slow down a bit and it gives us the opportunity to reflect upon all of the fortunate things that have happened this year and to also think upon the things that are not so fortunate. The unfortunate things are the ones that actually make us who we are today. It’s  like fire that molds iron. The hot flames melt it down and once the ore has cooled it is not the same as it was before when the fire melted it. It sounds like a cliche’ but the things that sound cliches’ are the ones that have been passed down from the beginning of time and are based in truth.

I am a witness to this personally. The things that have challenged me the most have made me sharper, stronger, wiser and more grounded than all of my success. It makes success feel even better! I look at things differently and with deeper eyes.  So if you are not where you want to be, no worries! The Universe always gives us the opportunity to start all over.  So never give up on your dreams and goals.

Thanksgiving is about eating good food but lets not forget about how blessed we are and lets give thanks for all of the wonderful things and people that God has blessed us with. We may not be where we want to be but we are where God needs us to be in order to be the best that we can be for our families, our country and ourselves.

Enjoy Living The Dream!



My New Radio Show!

Hey Everyone! I know its been awhile but its all good! I have been a busy bee this year pulling together the last pieces that I have needed to pull together to go on the air globally. Yes, I said globally. UBC-TV is a global company and will be expanding it reach via cable the end of this year. Stay tuned to see all of the exciting programming we are going to broadcast. There are some other components that have been developed along the way.

My next move into getting back into the the microphone and camera is the launching of my new radio show; The Peggy Dodson Show.  Its me talking to people and companies in tech, entertainment, fashion, community and other interesting people, places and things.  I am doing a series of interviews on location so you will get the opportunity to experience the flava of the scene. I will probably go from here to a studio but I am having way too much fun on location right now!!  Go to the UBC website; http://www.ubctvnetwork.com, click on the UBC Originals and then click on the Peggy Dodson Show and take a listen. We are adding more content to the site and we are in the process of launching our new Club UBC. So go and sign up and come back for weekly updates! We are on the move so get ready!!

Peggy D

UBC-TV CEO Peggy Dodson To Receive Honor From American Heart Association

Hey Everyone,

I am a bit shy about awards and such but I just wanted to toot this one! I have the  honor of receiving an award from the American Heart Association for my work in the community and in broadcasting. I seldom think about anything like this; I am just a hard working Sista on a mission to make positive change!! But I am humbled and honored. Check out the release and please support this wonderful organization that does such wonderful work in all communities.

Peggy D

Community Leaders Honored 1st Annual Red Affair Fundraiser for AHA

NEW YORK, NY– Sue Entertainment in conjunction with “Ladies Doing Big Things” host the First Annual Red Affair Fundraiser for the American Heart Association, honoring women with passionate hearts. Hosted by famed actor and personality, Amelia Moore, proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association (AHA).

The AHA is the nation’s oldest, largest voluntary organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The organization has more than 22.5 million volunteers and supporters working tirelessly to eliminate these diseases. They fund innovative research, fight for stronger public health policies and provide lifesaving tools and information to save and improve lives.

Distinguished guests will be honored at this affair to highlight their passion and great works in their communities.  The highly regarded, Peggy Dodson, CEO of The Urban Broadcasting Company (UBC-TV) will be recognized for years of dedication to upholding the arts, culture, communications and media in the African American community.

The community Icon, Suzanne Cepeda, CEO of Sue Entertainment and Promotion firm will be acknowledged for her sixteen-year contribution to the music industry and continuing her family’s fifty-five year legacy of fundraising, community outreach and her advocacy for AHA and Cancer Society.

The esteemed, Latin-soul singer, Selina Marchena (Sol la Salsera) will be celebrated for her contribution to the music industry, positive influence and support of the Latina community.

There will be a special presentation will be made to the AHA for their fight against this disease, as well as a guest appearance and performance by Pharell Williams’ protégé, new pop sensation, Maxine Ashley.

The event will be held Thursday, March 13th, 2014 at Tammany Hall, 152 Orchard Street, New York, New York.  Tickets are on sale now at $30 per person. Group options are available.

For more information, tickets and group options available, email: Sue.Ent8@gmail.com.



U Front Media Panel June 6th

Well everyone its been awhile for me writing here in my media diary. I have been so busy! I am now in need of an assistant for real! Things are really taking off for UBC in ways I never thought would happen. Of course I have had to take the good with the ugly as you know there are always challenges and adversities in every venture but I can say that it has helped me to be clearer and more grounded than ever before.  This been an exceptional year for UBC-TV and now we are on the brink of making a major leap into the marketplace; not only in the cable world but on multiple platforms and it will be worldwide!!  I am so very excited and will be able to share the news with you in  a few short weeks but until then mum’s the word; unless you attend this great panel I am sitting on. I will be able to reveal some of the things that are on the horizon for UBC-TV!

This week June 6th I am on a panel with four other trailblazers in media. I am honored to have been chosen to be a part of UFRONT VIDEO 4 Cast; moderated by Roger Maloney. If  you do not know Roger, he has been in the business of media, television and radio for over 20  years. I met Roger when he was in programming for BET’s 106 and Park. He has since then gone on to MTV, HBO and Katz Media, etc.

This panel is about creative people like myself who are on the move and who are bringing something special to the marketplace. I am excited. It’s free to attend and you may get the opportunity to do a pitch I am told. It will be held at Touro College School of osteopathic Medicine at 229 W. 124th Street, NY, NY. Be there or be square!

To register go to http://ufrontvideo4cast.eventbrite.com

More big announcements coming up in a week or two!

Peggy D