Peggy D’s Media Page

Here is my new media page!! I will be posting video of my exploits!! Check back in for more new stuff!  I am launching my new YouTube channel. Check it out and become a fan!!  I will uploading some of my favorite personal videos and things from my experiences in the media world as I cover events, places and things

Peggy D

Nolcha Fashon Week Clip 2011



This is the final run through before the show!!!!!

4 responses to “Peggy D’s Media Page

  1. Peggy,
    I heard you on the Felix Hernandez show recently and was impressed with the concept of what you are attempting to do with your network. It’s been a very long time since the Black and Latino communities have had the type of positive image reinforcement needed from the media. To support you in your effort I would like to suggest an idea for your consideration. The one thing that I find missing from all of the current TV shows about family, community and society in general is the element of faith. I am the author of two books published by Publish America that deal primarily with this factor and would be happy to send you one of them (“The Big Lie” – El Cid) that deals with the gang infestation of our communities.

  2. Hey Peggy….didn’t know if you had seen my post or received an email from me. Just wanted to congratulate you on FINALLY launching your TV network. I have a few programming ideas that I’d like to share with you on behalf of Please let me know if you’d be interested. Thanks!

    Kevin Goins

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