My New Radio Show!

Hey Everyone! I know its been awhile but its all good! I have been a busy bee this year pulling together the last pieces that I have needed to pull together to go on the air globally. Yes, I said globally. UBC-TV is a global company and will be expanding it reach via cable the end of this year. Stay tuned to see all of the exciting programming we are going to broadcast. There are some other components that have been developed along the way.

My next move into getting back into the the microphone and camera is the launching of my new radio show; The Peggy Dodson Show.  Its me talking to people and companies in tech, entertainment, fashion, community and other interesting people, places and things.  I am doing a series of interviews on location so you will get the opportunity to experience the flava of the scene. I will probably go from here to a studio but I am having way too much fun on location right now!!  Go to the UBC website;, click on the UBC Originals and then click on the Peggy Dodson Show and take a listen. We are adding more content to the site and we are in the process of launching our new Club UBC. So go and sign up and come back for weekly updates! We are on the move so get ready!!

Peggy D

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