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Hello All,

I am back in the loop!! I have been so very busy this year! It has been a year of grand expansion for me personally and for my company UBC-TV. I am now launching my own personal Live Steam Channel via Meerkat and Periscope. I had a great experience and time at AD TECH this year! Take a ride along with me and learn what is going on in the online advertising arena and my networking adventures!! Its pretty wild and funny!! But I promise you will learn a lot!!


Peggy D



Hey Everyone!! Hope your summer has been great! Its the last few weeks before we go back to work so lets stop and smell the roses! I have been very busy this summer and UBC-TV is taking off. We have launched our streaming channels and we now have shows on our site for your enjoyment. We are on our way to our next distribution levels which will include OTT and cable. We have a wonderful show thats the next new American Idol thats called STARS UNLEASHED.  I am excited to say that I am on the cover of Bronze Magazine! UBC-TV has been getting more national attention these days and its only the beginning.

Enjoy the article, it will give you a bit more insight on UBC-TV, my vision for it and a bit more about who I am and why I am creating this wonderful venture.

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Peggy D


Yes, it’s about that time for UBC-TV to take off to the next level.  My team and I have used this year to set some strong foundational things in place that will insure that you all will take a look at what we have and where we are going. Its about taking one step at a time.

Not going to say much right now besides GET READY!!

Its about that time!!

Its about that time!!

My Thoughts On The TV Industry and Why UBC-TV Has To Be Different

Hey All, well it is time for me to begin to reveal our upcoming cable line-up for our UBC Original Programs. I am going to start with the programs that are created and produced by UBC. We are also going into some great co-production alliances and have some outside content coming to us. Our first goal is to get the UBC Originals out first and then go to the next phase which will include co-productions and outside productions.

Needless to say this is a task where you have to have Hercules on your team!! Its extremely difficult to launch any new media business today.  Technology has made it easier to shoot content that is broadcast quality but the cost are still there if you are in fact entering into an arena with other major companies who have established footprints.

This is where you have to plan your work and work  your plan so to speak. I have always said to my team that we will do this in a way that will give us a voice that is different than others by producing original programming versus just being like everyone else with the same programs but different channels.  I actually think television has gotten worse over the years. There are those shows that stand out with great writing, cast, production, etc. but they are becoming far and few between.  Lets not even discuss the lack of people of color in the industry STILL. One or two hits shows with African Americans do not even the playing field. There is a major void of our ‘Stories’ that are not being told. This is where the behind the scenes in the industry count the most. The deals that are being made are being made with people in authority who either do not understand culture, too young to know better or just don’t care. This is where some major change is needed.

Companies like Youtube, Amazon, Netflix and others are doing well. They are giving viewers something that is relevant and cutting edge. They have become the alternative to the regular broadcast wheel.  I see that trend growing even more and my company UBC is in the midst of it all.  My vision has always been multi-platform from years ago.  I have also said that original content is the way to go but as you know it takes a lot of work to do this and you really have to have a really good production plan. I feel now is the time for UBC-TV.  UBC has become more than TV.  I have been able to create some very exciting alliances and partnerships that will be very surprising to everyone.   Over the next few days, weeks and months we will begin to do our program reveal along with our distribution footprint information and some other very exciting ventures we are undertaking.

When I begin this journey I just wanted to launch a cable network; now it has turned into a multi-media company with different divisions that will be rolled out at different time frames.  All I can say is hold on to your hats!

One of the first shows to debut is called ‘UBC JAMS!’. I created this show with the intent of showcasing up and coming artists in multiple genres of music. The show will be live streamed and then shown on our cable channel.  Dates, times for the show will be announced soon. Please go to our Facebook page and give us a LIKE so that you can keep up with all that is going on with UBC.  Its http://www.facebook.com/UBCTVNETWORKS and our website is http://www.ubctvnetwork.com. Its evolving every other day as we move forward in adding new content. We also have Club UBC, so be sure to sign up for it as we will soon start to launch our contests, free tickets to events, concerts, coupons and much more!

I will be back with more info on all that we are doing and more on our line-up and distribution.  Thanks to all of you who have kept up the support as now we will embark upon our next step into the spotlight!

Peggy D

My New Radio Show!

Hey Everyone! I know its been awhile but its all good! I have been a busy bee this year pulling together the last pieces that I have needed to pull together to go on the air globally. Yes, I said globally. UBC-TV is a global company and will be expanding it reach via cable the end of this year. Stay tuned to see all of the exciting programming we are going to broadcast. There are some other components that have been developed along the way.

My next move into getting back into the the microphone and camera is the launching of my new radio show; The Peggy Dodson Show.  Its me talking to people and companies in tech, entertainment, fashion, community and other interesting people, places and things.  I am doing a series of interviews on location so you will get the opportunity to experience the flava of the scene. I will probably go from here to a studio but I am having way too much fun on location right now!!  Go to the UBC website; http://www.ubctvnetwork.com, click on the UBC Originals and then click on the Peggy Dodson Show and take a listen. We are adding more content to the site and we are in the process of launching our new Club UBC. So go and sign up and come back for weekly updates! We are on the move so get ready!!

Peggy D

Time For Pivot Con and UBC-TV Launches Its Live Stream and On Demand Channels

There is a lot of great things going on in this last quarter of the year. Heating up in the tech world. Pivot Con is starting Tuesday October 15th and 16th in NYC at the Altman Building at 135 west 18th street. Its a part of Social Week in New York City and about the new revolution of social, technology and brands.

Some of the best and brightest minds and companies will be in attendance. This is the place where the evolution of social media, social TV and all things that revolve around social and how it effects our day to day lives and brands have to now evolve in the social sphere in order to be relevant and make money.

So get there!!  for more info go to http://www.pivotcon.com

Now, for some more big UBC news!  I am including our press release on our announcement about the launch of our live stream and on demand channels.  We are now in our official roll-out mode. We have a lot of big announcements coming out this fall and will be getting our cable channel numbers very soon also. Lots of work this summer and it is paying off for us. So take a look at our new and improved site and drop us a line and let us know what you think. We are beginning to add more original content and will have soon begin to broadcast some of our half our shows that will also appear on our cable network.  Check out our site at :  http://www.ubctvnetwork.com

UBC-TV Announces UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels

Urban Broadcasting Company News

Harlem, NY— UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand ChannelsToday UBC-TV officially announced the availability of UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels, which allows everyone to see an event as the action is happening LIVE on their computer, tablet or smartphone through the UBC portal of ubctvnetwork.com.

“It is important for us to tell our own stories….it is important we balance out what is out here in media landscape…by offering the ability to see things as they happen,” said Peggy Dodson, CEO of UBC-TV.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already enjoyed watching programing on UBC On-Demand. UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels. Subscriber Tray Lover, a small business owner, stated he loves having the ability to see UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels on his smartphone since he is always on the go. UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels will enable Subscriber Tray Lover to see events that would normally not get the media coverage from other major networks.

“It’s like being right there, just like with live television,” said Quentin Cockrell, business partner of Subscriber Tray Lover. “The best part is that I can watch it anywhere on any device.”

UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels Availability

UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels is the next step in the evolution of programing delivery driven by the change and growth in VOD and digital streaming market and is part of UBC-TV’s commitment to deliver the latest in original programing and the way it is delivered to you, the subscriber. UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels is available for you to view at http://www.ubctvnetwork.com.

Founded in 2001, UBC-TV is an “Urban Lifestyle” television network. The network produces and showcases original multicultural programing designed to provide relevant, diverse, exciting and uplifting programming geared towards underserved Multi-Cultural market.


UBC-TV and UBC GLOBAL LIVE STREAM and UBC ON-Demand Channels are either registered trademarks or trademarks of UBC-TV in the United States and/or other countries.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, press and  UBC Channels:

            212-479-7837 Office




Stay tuned!!

Peggy D

U Front Media Panel June 6th

Well everyone its been awhile for me writing here in my media diary. I have been so busy! I am now in need of an assistant for real! Things are really taking off for UBC in ways I never thought would happen. Of course I have had to take the good with the ugly as you know there are always challenges and adversities in every venture but I can say that it has helped me to be clearer and more grounded than ever before.  This been an exceptional year for UBC-TV and now we are on the brink of making a major leap into the marketplace; not only in the cable world but on multiple platforms and it will be worldwide!!  I am so very excited and will be able to share the news with you in  a few short weeks but until then mum’s the word; unless you attend this great panel I am sitting on. I will be able to reveal some of the things that are on the horizon for UBC-TV!

This week June 6th I am on a panel with four other trailblazers in media. I am honored to have been chosen to be a part of UFRONT VIDEO 4 Cast; moderated by Roger Maloney. If  you do not know Roger, he has been in the business of media, television and radio for over 20  years. I met Roger when he was in programming for BET’s 106 and Park. He has since then gone on to MTV, HBO and Katz Media, etc.

This panel is about creative people like myself who are on the move and who are bringing something special to the marketplace. I am excited. It’s free to attend and you may get the opportunity to do a pitch I am told. It will be held at Touro College School of osteopathic Medicine at 229 W. 124th Street, NY, NY. Be there or be square!

To register go to http://ufrontvideo4cast.eventbrite.com

More big announcements coming up in a week or two!

Peggy D