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The landscape is changing everyday it seems. The offerings of new content distributors have the majors in a tailspin. They now must innovate or become not relevant. The ON DEMAND SUMMIT did just that.  Michael Paull VP of Digital Video for Amazon discussed what Amazon is doing and what they have on the drawing board.

Amazon has done wonders in diversifying their content. They are expanding the lineup  to satisfy the current customer base and to bring in more subscribers.  The discussion was also centered around monetizing content and marketing. Mr. Paull is very excited and direct about what Amazon is doing with their content plays. They are a major player.

Stephen Meyer VP of Video Strategy for Comcast. Comcast has always been in the thick of convergence. The Xfinity brand is bringing TV Everywhere to all of their customers across all platforms. Its gives the customer the ability to see their content when and how they want to see it. Comcast is a major player on many levels but they love innovation and it keeps them on top.

Roku, Vubiquity, iDemand were among the many media companies in attendance at the summit. It was an eye opening experience for me and to be among so many decision makers was wonderful.  I got the words from the guys and gals who are the leaders in the way we will see content for the future. Of course I put my 2 and 3 cents in!

Everyone is now finally speaking with one another about how we can all work together in the future. This is the wild west and a new frontier and we all need to be involved in how we are going to work together. The consumer is now the big boss. The content creators, hardware makers, distributors and all the additional players have to work together now.

I feel this is a good thing. The gate keepers of old are having to rethink their plans and be more inclusive of culture, diversity of staff and allowing the stories that have not been told in the past be told now.

More on this to come as things take shape and roll out. We know now that AT&T wants to buy Time Warner. We shall see how that turns out. Let me know how you feel about the proposed merger.

Peggy D


AD Week Hits New York!

One of the most exciting and important weeks in the media industry is coming up! Ad Week begins Monday September 23rd and runs until September 27th.  It is the week where advertisers, technology, media, television, corporations, brands, brand makers and cutting edge creative, marketing and of course the advertising world; gathers together and decide where all of this content is going and how much do we pay for it.

It is definitely the wild west  in the media world. There are so many platforms now as the consumer has many choices to view and engage content on. Lets throw in mobile! Its gets more and more interesting. The big question is how do we monetize all of these platforms? There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel but we still have a ways to go.

Monday opens up with, ‘How Mobile Is Turning Marketing on Its Head’.  Then you have ‘Beyond Mobile, The Media Platforms of the Future.’ One of the high lights will be the Tech Showcase. I loved this last year. Ad Week began to bring in technology. This is the most exciting move as it brings things front and center.

Ad Week is a must for professionals in almost any industry. If you are serious about being ahead of the curve, then Ad Week is a must.  For more info go to http://www.advertisingweek.com   to register. I will be back with more updates during the week. You can check out my adventures at Ad Week by following me on Twitter @PeggyDodson or my blog.

Peggy D

Bell’O Makes Soundwaves at CE Line Show!

This year the CE Line Show was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion and it was a tremendous success!  The line show in New York is growing bigger and better and is showcasing some of the best electronic companies in the industry. I got the chance to meet and greet some of the top professionals in the business and will be giving you all the 411 on what you have to buy this summer leading into the fall season.

I am very impressed with Bell’O Digital. The field of headphones companies is crowded these days but it always comes down to the sound quality, ease of use, convenience, and being in tune with your market. I must say that  CEO Marc Sculler is just that. I had a great time talking with him about the Bell’O products; in particular the BDH821 Series Over The Ear Model and they have several in-ear models.  First of all they are beautiful! I put them on and walked around in Harlem for a test and people actually came up to me and asked me about the headphones! Second, they sound great! They feel comfortable and are compatible with Apple, Android and Blackberry OS and many other phones and music players.  The price is right also. Prices start at $49.99.

Check out what the CEO has to say in this interview with me during the show.

For more info on all of the Bell’o  products go to www.bello.com