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Lloyd Strayhorn’s 2012 Predictions!!

Hey everyone!!  Once again, Happy New Year!!  This year will be one for the books I can feel it!!  You have to have your plan together though or you will be pulled here and there.  Lloyd Strayhorn is back with his 2012 Predictions. Take a look and be sure to plan your work and work your plan!

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LLoyd Strayhorn’s

2012 Prediction


Theme: It appears that a wide range of opportunities are finally coming your way for 2012.   Aries, particularly those in the business, science, commerce and communication industries, especially, should strive.  And, it’s likely to just the way you want it too.  You’ll also notice as you move along the year, a strong sense of urgency to make a change.  A chance to finally turn your affairs around for the better!  In addition, a increase in public activity, a more noticeable need to freedom or personal space comes into play.  So those who learned to let you breathe are likely to benefit the most.  Your sign happens to also be passing through a travel cycle for the year.  This may explain the urge at some point during the year to get away from it all.


Theme:  A transition of some kind gets underway for this 2012 and it happens to be in keeping with your cosmic chemistry.  Transitions of a personal nature, such as relationships, or home, followed by the work place are also part of the mix.  Part of your success this year will be the teamwork effort with those you deal with.  It becomes the key that’ll unlock the doors that were formally closed to you. Now, depending on the type of Taurus you are, a degree of patience and self-control will have to be exercised.  But if properly done, by sitting back and letting what you already set into motion, as a result should see a tremendous improvements in affairs.


Theme:  As you enter the year of 2012 you can look forward to finally making moves that affect you and you alone! It’s about looking out for number 1 this year.  It doesn’t mean you have to overly selfish.  After all your sign is one of the few “human” symbols.  It’s just a matter of making sure you’re taken care of first before you’re in better position to help others close by.  Even numerically, the year of 2012, which adds to a 5 (2+0+1+2 = 5 ) which is governed by the planet Mercury, which actually rules your zodiac sign.  It simply means you go to the head of the class this year.  So go after what you want.  Don’t take “no” for an answer (within reason of course).  Go straight to the source. . .to the ones you can give you a definite yes or no.  Without fooling around!  A greater sense of independence is also likely to be on your mind this year as well.  To do things on your terms seems the only way to go.


Theme: Romance and finances takes a back-seat this year of 2012 as compare with one before.  If you pay close attention this year, you’ll notice a shift from the social and material matters of 2011, into areas that are now more spiritual and intuitive in nature.  Rather, quiet moments alone are more preferred!  And if you had your way about, you definitely don’t need anything hectic, stressful and noisy conditions.  In short you don’t need the drama!  It’s like you need to hear yourself think!  To listen to that inner voice that naturally guides your sign anyway.  It’s because you simply want to figure out what’s been going on in your life lately and why things turned out the way they did.  It’s like getting to the bottom of things in terms of its cause and effect.


Theme: This year of 2012 Leo, says to meet whatever duty, obligations or responsibilities that comes your way, to do it with a smile.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised what an impact that’ll have on those close to you ranging from loved ones and family members later on.  It may even have a larger influence on your community as well.  This is the perfect cycle also to take better care of your health and improve your educational standing in the world.  If you do, the laws of compensation will come into play and reward you for a job well done by not shying away from the things you have to do.  And don’t surprise in the least regarding invitations and other social events taking place in your environment this year!  Accept them in the spirit for which they are given.  You’re magnetic this year.


Theme: Like Gemini, you too, Virgo, happens to be one of the favored Suns of the zodiac this year of 2012.  Better yet, opportunities abound along with an urge to be more self-reliant on all fronts.  It like you just don’t need to “check” with anyone before embarking out on your own this year.   You stand up and stick to your principals.  This year will offer you also in the process, a totally new and unique experiences as it relates to persons, places and things.  Push for what you want this year and don’t be shy about it (one of your cosmic description).  You don’t have time for that this year.  Rather, step up and ask for what you want!  And, make it a point to deal with only those if you can who are in a position to give you a final yes or no.  Movers and Shakers only this year, thank you!


Theme:  You’re passing through a cycle that’s much in keeping with your zodiac sign.  Charisma by nature, it’s easy to understand why this year is very much in tune with you and your plans.  You have a way of being patience when it comes to the things you really, really want!  You’ll notice a greater sense of harmony in the things you want out of life including persons and things.  So part of the key to your success in all forms this year is to simply, ask!  Don’t demand! Don’t expect something for nothing!  Rather instead, be kind, sweet, receptive, and helpful!   Let others know you too, can be a team-player (when you want too)!  Simply be your best, tune into the things around you, follow your first mind, and you should do fine before this year draws to a close.


Theme: The year of 2012 may find you at a cross-road in your life and your affairs.  It’s about having to make a decision as to which direction you wish to take.   Along with it comes to mind a number of questions as well.  For instance, should you turn and go left.  Turn and go right!  Or simply continue to go in the direction you’re heading.  Whichever turn you take, hopefully it’ll point you in right direction for the better.  Because a lots at steak as far as you’re concerned this year!  Events in your career department; of a positive kind, is also strong in your chart.  You just need to stay alert when they present themselves!  Because of the planet Mercury, passing through your sign expect to get out and travel more.  So it’s going to be hard when others try to hold you in check.  You’re not having that at all.


Theme:  This cycle happens to be one of the most important, both financially and romantically speaking, of them all.  In these departments for 2012, if that’s what you’ve been after, it’s about to be yours.  Go get it! Your generally fun and entertaining disposition for whatever reason seems to take a back seat to the more serious things of life.  Such as building something financially solid or long term for you!  This is likely to include building a family of sorts. Its’ like you’ve grown up all of a sudden as to what’s going on in the stage of your life and the parts that loved ones, family members and friends play in your life.  Your mind-set during this most auspicious year is to mentally stretch it beyond to greater and better things.  To think big! To think accomplishment! To think in terms of getting what you want out of life now.


Theme: If truth be told, you’re likely to find 2012 a year of challenges rather than kudos.  It’s only because the cycle your sign is passing through seem to have its work cut out for you.  But you know what!  Perhaps no other sign has the strength, the stamina and conviction than you when your mind is made up.  Yet, it understood properly you actually dance your way around them.  The first thing to kind in mind structure and organization is the key.  It’ll unlock the road blocks you may run into.  Be frugal and account for every dime you spend this year.  Even at Starbucks.  Next, try not to lend things out and definitely take advantage of all sales and bargains when you can.  The challenging part you may encounter is to pay yourself first when any monies passes your hand. Keeping that in mind should minimize the possible stress and strain of the year.

Aquarius :

Theme:   If you have to clean house in any area of your life then 2012 is your year to do so.  It’s about putting behind you, once and all, any person, place or thing you no longer need in your space now.  It’s about eliminating negativity, period!  If not you won’t be able to move forward with past matters holding you down otherwise. On the other hand the cycle you’re passing through this year can an inspiration one.  All depending upon what you make it, this year can be one of fulfillment. A cycle where dreams can actually now become a reality!  On the other hand you’re in a position this year to bring out the best in others through motivation and inspiration.  It’s about bringing out the humanitarian side of your nature.  Remember, your zodiac symbol is a human figure.  And little has to be said in the process.


Theme: Have you’ve been struggling for much of the year with seemingly nothing to show for it?  Have you question yourself as to when your break is going to come?  The good news is 2012 is the year that’ll actually do that for you.  This year you have nothing but blue sky ahead!  It’s simply a matter of how high you intend to aim.  But if you aim low (thinking small), you’ll miss your mark and have to wait quite awhile before this wonderful cycle returns again.  Think big, think global, think universal, and the rest is likely to come.  Because whatever you set out to achieve in this material world is definitely within your grasp now.  So don’t be discouraged in the least should you run into a few bumps along the way.  It just may be a way of testing your faith and conviction as to how bad you really, really want something.  The good news is: you will get it!

A Note from the writer:  For the complete Lloyd Strayhorn’s 2012 predictions which includes both the career and love aspects of each of the zodiac signs, go to http://www.numbersandmedia.com  for more. You can also call 800-581-4401 if you’d like to schedule a personal session with Mr. Strayhorn to see what’s in your stars for the New Year.  The article above touches on your zodiac sign in a general way only.  Please keep in mind that there is no substitute for seeking good, sound advice from a professional astrologer or numerologist to be more specific.

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