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Peggy D’s New Media Page!!

Hey everyone, check out my new links page!!  I am now posting videos to my Youtube page. I am taking you on a journey to all of the places I go and all the exciting people I am meeting!!  Just clips for now!!  But the big reveal soon is my big announcement in the national media about my new television and multi-media venture. I am almost ready for the Big Reveal!!  It will happen within the next few weeks so stay tuned!!  I will continue to add more video and photos of my media coverage. Some good things are coming up in the month of October. I am adding new footage everyday!1

I am also on twitter  @PeggyDodson   My Youtube channel is Peggyd16 if you want to go straight there.

More things to come, have a great day, stay calm, stay centered and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!  Do not give up on your visions, turn them into REALITY


Peggy D

Small Business Lending Fair and Panel

Well things are popping in Harlem on a business level, and I must say it is about time that the Urban Capital of the World began to think about small business. For such a long time People of Color have mainly been consumers. That being said, there are many of us who are in business for ourselves but not enough of us who actually understand the process of credit, lending and finance. Those tools are the ones that will enable us to take our ventures to the next level and create true wealth for our families, our communities and our country.

Harlem Community Development Corporation, along with Citibank will be sponsoring a ‘Small Business Lending Fair and Panel Discussion’.  The focus will be on getting the nuts and bolts of what the banks want in order to get that line of credit or financing you need. It will focus on micro lending and credit;  that is a great way to get you ‘bankable’ for your next phase of funding. The good people from HCDC and Citibank are providing breakfast meaning, that there will be more than just finger foods!!! smile.

In all seriousness, the fair will give you the opportunity to meet face to face with bankers who want to get you funded, so come out, it will be worth your time. It’s an investment in your company that you need to make.

The fair will be held Wednesday, May 18th from 8:30am to 1:00pm at the Harlem State Office Building located at 163 West 125th Street, 2nd Floor.  By the way,it is FREE!!!  To register call 212-961-4100.

Peggy D

National Action Network’s 20th Anniversary, Update on Children of Incarcerated Parents Rights

Rev. Al Sharpton will be celebrating the National Action Network’s 20th Anniversary and National Convention from Wednesday April 6th through Saturday April 9 at the Sheraton New York Hotel located at 811 7th Avenue at 53rd Street.

A star-studded dinner honoring Muhammad Ali, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Samuel and Latanya R. Jackson and others will kick-off 3 days of powerful workshops, seminars and addresses that will be televised and on live radio featuring top government officials, civil rights leaders and academicians. I heard that President Obama is suppose to be speaking. For more information and to register go to http://www.nationalactionnetwork.net

There is another important event happening on Wednesday, April 13th at 10am. There will be a hearing on the rights of children of incarcerated parents. It will be held at 250 Broadway on the 14th floor. The hearing is being presented by Youth Services, The committee on Public Safety and the committee on General Welfare.

I am very close to this project as we all have a tendency to forget that  most offenders are parents, aunts, uncles and even grandparents and their children only know them as mom and dad. The children are the ones who end up suffering the most. I cannot say in words how much I love what the Osbourne organization is doing. This is a project I make time for as it is something that has heart and meaning for me. Everyone who is a part of this group is very busy but we all make sure we are present for these meetings. I am posting a wonderful insight from the childrens viewpoint from an wonderful article in the Democrat and Chronicle.

ALBION — To New York state, she’s an arsonist. But to 2-year-old Jaden, Shavon Hill is just “mom.”

So as he sat on her lap in the visitors room of the Albion Correctional Facility on Friday — the first time he’d seen her in months — Jaden pulled the miniature eyeglasses off a Mr. Potato Head doll and tried to mash them onto his mother’s face.

It’s unclear how aware Jaden is of his mother’s past. When Hill set fire to a Suffolk County residence in 2009, he hadn’t even celebrated his first birthday. But since she was imprisoned in Albion, Hill’s life has been about getting back to her son.

Hill, 20, is on the verge of graduating from Family Ties, a program facilitated by the Osborne Association that teaches basic parenting skills to incarcerated mothers in the Albion Correctional Facility, the state’s largest all-women prison.

Like many inmates in Albion, Hill is from the New York City area, and her family can rarely afford to bring Jaden up for a visit.

But as part of their graduation from the Family Ties program, the Osborne Association brings the graduates’ children to Albion for a visit.

The visits take place twice a year, and on Friday, Jaden was one of 24 youths between the ages of 2 and 19 who visited the prison.

While the visit is always the most joyous part of the Family Ties program, it is also a time when the mothers can practice the skills they’ve learned during their classroom sessions.

The 12-week class, which covers everything from communication skills to forms of discipline, provides a specialized education that most of the women haven’t been exposed to yet.

“I’m a young mother. I never really took a parenting program until I came here,” said Hill, 20, who has 19 months remaining on her sentence.

So on the same day that police began their second day of searching for two escaped inmates from Monroe County Jail, 35 miles east, Hill acknowledged that she’d made a mistake, and said she was grateful for the parenting tips she’s acquiring while she serves her time.

“The way I was raised was totally different,” she said. “The things that I saw, that’s not the way I want to raise my child.”

Based in New York City, the Osborne Association has provided a broad range of vocational services to current and former inmates, and their families, since 1931. While the program is supported by a number of private donors, it also has historically received state funding, though it is one of the many programs that has yet to hear whether that funding will continue through the next year.

Women who go through the Family Ties program have far lower rates of recidivism than other female inmates, and fewer prison cells are being used as a result, said David Condliffe, the Osborne Association’s director of development.

“This is a program that saves all taxpayers money,” he said.

The time immediately following an inmate’s release is when they’re most likely to be caught doing something else illegal, said William Powers, superintendent of Albion Correctional Facility. Positive connections with the outside world are vital, so the inmate can fall into a law-abiding lifestyle upon release.

So after the Osborne Association’s visits are over, the group makes online video-chatting available so the inmates can continue corresponding with their children.

It’s how Lyndell McDuffie, imprisoned since 1999 on a felony assault charge, has stayed in touch with her 17-year-old daughter, Tayshona.

“We could write each other, but when you write, once you put the letter down, you just forget about it,” said McDuffie, 41, originally from Brooklyn. “With the television, we’re there face-to-face, we can communicate, we can see each other’s emotions.”

The open lines of communication have been good for both mother and daughter. Tayshona is on pace to graduate high school at the end of this year, and McDuffie is hoping to take advantage of the Osborne Association’s transitional programs when she is released; she is eligible for parole in May.

“My son just died in September, my grandmother’s in the hospital, so we don’t really have anybody. It’s just us,” said McDuffie. “So we talk about everything. We cry together, we laugh, we joke. We’re like sisters, and mother and daughter, and friends, all wrapped up into one.”

At the end of the visit on Friday, the youths, their escorts and a group of prison officials gathered in Albion’s main visitor hall to celebrate the inmates’ graduation from the Family Ties program.

The 14 mothers walked down the aisle in purple caps and gowns — a welcome change from their usual prison greens — and sat down opposite their visitors.

Graduates, prison officials and Osborne Association representatives all shared some prepared remarks. Moments before the ceremony, Malyk Leonard — strong and tall and seemingly older than his 17 years — asked permission to address the crowd.

“The last time I saw my mom was about five years ago. I have two little brothers, and I’ve had to take the dad role,” said Malyk. “But after reading her letters and coming up here, I saw that my mom seems to have changed for the better.”

“Please, stay on the right track,” he continued. “I need my mom. My brothers need my mom. My grandmother needs my mom. My whole family needs my mom.”

“And your kids,” he said, facing the rest of the women, “your family, they need you too. So please, stay on the right track.”

By the time he finished, the women in purple were all crying. A few of them reached over to Yvette Leonard to comfort her — she’d later present Malyk with a certificate thanking him for being such a great big brother to her two other children, and mother and son would embrace.

Hill addressed the group soon after, tears still in her eyes.

When she finished, 2-year-old Jaden scurried to the front of the room, where his mother picked him up and held him tight.

Nineteen more months.


Peggy D

‘Bertha’s Jam’ in Harlem!!!


The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce

and Harlem Hospital
have one special gift for you from
Council Member Inez E. Dickens 
Complimentary admission
3:00 PM 
506 Malcolm X Boulevard

Harlem/New York City

 Berta’s Jam was created by music promoterRoberta Alloway to take us on a musical journey through some of Harlem’s best loved night spots. Remember when music was heard on every corner in Harlem? At the Lenox Lounge, La Famille, Wells, St. Nick’s Pub, Small’s Paradise, Gold Brick Inn, Mark IV and Carl’s Off  The Corner. Come and enjoy the amazing musicians and vocalists that will bring you back to a magical moment in the history of Harlem. 

 Berta’s Jam II  features the alluring vocal sophistication of  Lady Cantrese, the amazing and powerful voice of Grammy-nominated singer Gregory Porter, and the swinging and soulful sounds of Patience Higgins and the Sugar Hill Quartet with Marcus Persiani, Alex Hernandez and David Gibson.    


Harlem Hospital’s

Cave Auditorium

506 Malcolm X Boulevard

@ 135th Street

Saturday, January 8, 2011



We Look forward to seeing you!!


Voza Rivers


For Complimentary Admission212-926-2550 x21


Darryl T. DowningNew Heritage Theatre GroupProducer/ Audience Development

212-926-2550 x21



Angelique Kidjo, Season in The Congo, Harlem Art

Here are a few things that are happening now and about to happen. Check them out.

Congo side2.jpg

Aime Cesaire   A SEASON IN THE CONGO  with

Ezra Mabengeza as Patrice Lumumba at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row



September 30th – October 17, 2010

Thursday, Friday & Saturday @ 8pm

Sunday @ 3pm


Lion Theatre at Theatre Row, 410 west 42nd Street.{bet 9th & Dwyer Ave)


Rico Workshop Productions, producers Jackie Jeffries and Rico Speight present Aime Cesaire

A Season in the Congo commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


Aime Cesaire A SEASON IN THE CONGO with Ezra Mabengeza as Patrice Lumumba  directed by A. Rico Speight.Fusing the mediums film and theater, Cesaire’s choral and cinematic narrative will be realized via projected archival footage and HD video augmented by expressive soundscapes and choreography.  Although written over five decades ago, this timely revisiting of A Season in the Congo  will shed light on important issues and incidents in the Congo’s history relevant to the chaos in the region today.  


For additional information please call 212 340 1121.  www.telecharge.com   www.theatrerow.org


Contact:           Natalie Clarke /Jackie Jeffries

Phone:             347 310 8139/212 862 2543

Fax:                  347 767-791

Email:              ClarkeandClarke@gmail.com /jlorraine3@yahoo.com


 The Strivers Art Circuit will be happening this weekend Saturday October 9th and 10th. It’s a self guided walking tour through artist studios and galleries surrounding the famed Strivers Row Historic District of Harlem. Included also will be  Casa Frela gallery  located at 47 West 119th Street from 9am to 5pm each day. Other galleries will be included. It will be a great weekend to walk Harlem and see the History and the Art that is giving the Harlem community a real boost and creating the next renaissance. You can check the Strivers Art Circuit out and see where and what galleries are involved by going to Harlem Arts Alliance website at http://harlemaa.org . Casa Frela can be contacted by going to http://casafrela.com


Last but not least is the Angelique Kidjo will be performing Thursday October 11th, 2010, 8pm at Carnegie Hall. Youssou N’Dour will be performing with her along with Omara Portuondo and Dianne Reeves. Should be wonderful! She is a really great performer!! For more info go to http://carnegiehall.org 



Harlem Business Summit

The Harlem Business Alliance will host its 7th Annual Business and Economic Summit on September 27th from 8am to 1pm. The location will be the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building located at 163 West 125th Street. This organization is community based and has helped hundreds of small businesses. They have lots of services available to people who are wanting to start a business and to people who are already in business. Most if not all of their services are ‘Free’.  This business summit is free and they are serving breakfast. So get up and get there!!  The theme this year is “Thriving Not Just Surviving”.  We all know that song, especially in these uncertain economic times, we must be pro-active with our ventures, whether its home based, a small business in a store front or a medium sized business in a downtown office. Small business is the backbone of this country and if we are going to turn things around, it will be small business that will do it.  The Harlem Business Alliance will also assist in getting your business certified so that you will be able to do business with the City and other levels of government.  For more information go to their website at http://www.hbany.org  You can also register for the conference by calling 347-346-3903. If you dont need help with  your business then go to network, you never know what company or person you will meet that will lead you to the next big deal or get you that expansion capital!!

Peggy D

Charlie Parker Jazz Festival and more!

Hope everyone has had a great week!!  Boy, I can’t remember a summer that has been so busy!!  Lots of good things going on everyday. This weekend at Marcus Garvey Park Bandshell  will be the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival featuring McCoy Tyner, Jason Moran, JD Allen Trio and Revieve Da Live: Charlie Parker Revisited. The address is 123rd St and Mt Morris Park West from 3pm to 7pm on Saturday.

Sunday August 29th from 3 to 7pm is Sundae Sermon at Morningside Park at 114 St and Morningside Drive-upper level. It will feature House Music, Classic and Afro Beats. Bring your picnic basket and dancing shoes!!  I really love House Music, I am a true House Head from the Paradise Garage days!!

Also Spike Lee will have a Michael Jackson birthday celebration this Sunday at Prospect Park in Brooklyn!! Come and celebrate the King Of Pops Birthday!!  LOVE YOU M.J. FOREVER!!!

Have a great weekend everybody and remember: No one is in charge of  your happiness except you!!

Peace and Love!

Peggy D