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Cleaster Cotton Debuts New Art Exhibit!

Here she goes again! The female Romare Bearden is who I call her. Cleaster Cotton is in a word; brilliant. She embraces the form of art completely and leaves you breathless and in awe of what the world really is and how we are all one with nature.

Her commitment to helping children with her invention of the ALNUGE program is the bow on top of it. She is definitely in her time and is debuting a new exhibit entitled, ‘Living Whimsy’. The place to be is at the Junction in Asheville, North Carolina. But if you cannot make it, I am providing the websites where you can learn more about this wonderful artist and BUY her art and support her cause. Her cause is our cause. Our children are our future!! Support Artist and the art they create!



Peggy D



Cleaster Cotton Featured Artist In North Carolina Exhibit

Cleaster Cotton Artist

Cleaster Cotton Artist

Cleaster Cotton is an awesome  talent.  I featured Cleaster  last year in my June  post during the time of her big art exhibit at the Pink Dog in Asheville, North Carolina. Well,  she was a tremendous hit!!  What a visionary!  I am saying this for real!!  I must also say I am a collector of her art. It’s one thing to say you like someone’s art, music, books, etc. I say put it in action, put your money where your mouth is!  I have been a collector of her art for a few years now as she is the next big thing in the world of art everyone. And she can cook too!! Multi-talented!

I  compare Cleaster to Romare Bearden. They have some sort of spiritual link. It’s quite uncanny but real.  Although similar, they each have their own vibe going on.  I happen to love Romare Bearden’s work and have had the pleasure of meeting his family, which was so cool for me! Real Black Art History Royalty!  Cleaster has this powerful ancestor vibe going on. They speak through her, you can feel it in her work.  Well, Cleaster is at it again this week Friday, February 10th.  She is the featured artist in an exhibit at the historic Monte Vista Hotel in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  It’s a part of a  UNC-TV television special they are shooting called ‘North Carolina Weekend.’  There is a cocktail party happening from 6-8pm. Her art will be featured all that night and on exhibit until March 20th.   And of course she will be there gracing everyone with her presence and that wonderful bright smile and positive energy she emits on a regular. So please stop by and check it out!

If you can’t make it to the show, you can check out her site. Cleaster has something for everyone as she wants everyone to be able to collect her art no matter what your budget.  She has acrylics, art cards, prints, photography and collectibles!  Go to http://www.cleaster-cotton.artistwebsites.com BECOME A COLLECTOR!!

Leap Of Faith By Cleaster Cotton

Underground Conductor-Harriet Tubman by Cleaster Cotton

Cleaster Cotton, Contemporary Primitive Artist, Debuts Big Show At Asheville, N.C.’s Pink Dog Creative!!

Cleaster Cotton Artist

Contemporary Primitive; those are two words that make you think when you see them. I tell you they are the words that express the truly gifted  and genius of Cleaster Cotton. She is fast becoming known in the art world and is a true Renaissance Woman. She is mult-talented, able to do many things extremely well. That is a rare thing these days. I have to state in truthfulness that I have known Cleaster for many years and I am so very excited for her. She deserves all of the good things coming to her and more!! So proud of you Sista and much love to you!!!

Cleaster is from Brooklyn, New York. She has moved to Asheville, North Carolina and taken it by storm!! Her work has movement, soul, emotion, intensity and drama!!  It has history, herstory and culture. It tells the story of our ancestors and they speak through her to tell us what we must do today to make ourselves whole again.

Cleaster uses collage, mixed media and other forms of art to bring out her message. She is the female Romare Bearden!!  I look at Bearden and the work he has done. The movement in his work, the feeling, the textures and collages.  I see so many similarities between he and Cleaster, even the Harlem and North Carolina thing. Cleaster lived in Harlem also.  We are all definitely from the same seed.

Cleaster will be debuting her contemporary primitive art beginning this Friday at the Pink Dog Creative located at 342 Depot Street in Asheville, N.C. The Pink Dog is a part of the River Arts District in Asheville. It is a new area promoting and providing support for artists of all types. The Pink Dog is owned and operated by Randy Shull and Hedy Fischer.  Randy Shull a world renown artist in his own right and what they are doing in Asheville is a model for all cities wishing to know how to support the arts and combine it with tourism. It’s a win-win situation for the city and for the artists. I thank them for supporting Cleaster and being able to see her gift and assisting her in getting her great work out into the marketplace and the world. The show will run until the end of the month so please tell your friends, family and associates to get to the Pink Dog this Friday or during the month of June.

You are just beginning to hear about this Sista Cleaster Cotton. She is very talented and on the move. You can check out additional info on her and ways to purchase her art in this article. I am telling you that you need to become a collector as she is fast becoming known all over the world, so do not go to sleep on this!!!  I am a collector of her work and will continue to collect it. It helps me to remember who I am and where I come from which is The Divine Source!! More power to you Cle!!

Peggy D


Art Exhibit and Opening

Friday, June 10th @ 5PM

Curated and Hosted by
Hedy Fischer and Randy Shull

in the River Arts District*
at The Pink Dog Creative

Exhibition Hall Gallery

348 Depot Street

Asheville, North
Carolina 28801


Cleaster Cotton

River Arts District’s
Studio Stroll

Saturday, June 11th and
Sunday, June 12th

10AM – 6PM



Cleaster Cotton in the
news (some current press)

Citizen-Times, May 13,
2011, “Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools (TAPAS)” ~


Verve Magazine, June
2011, Page 22 “100 Percent Cotton” ~



P.O. Box 7313

Asheville, North
Carolina 28802-7313

(404) 422-5733


 Cleaster Cotton’s
latest – mostly abstract artwork – curves, lines and intensely saturated colors
collide in explosive exuberance. Her joyful spirit shows throughout, almost as
if she is beckoning you to, “Come along on this thrilling ride with me!” A
collage (self-portrait?) made of different materials is sly, witty and also
infused with brilliant color. Her uncanny ability to be both primitive and
sophisticated shines through all her work.


Bobbie Kaplan,

Advertising Executive

New York City

May 2011

Cleaster Cotton Contemporary Primitive Artist

Cleaster Cotton Contemporary Primitive Artist