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The landscape is changing everyday it seems. The offerings of new content distributors have the majors in a tailspin. They now must innovate or become not relevant. The ON DEMAND SUMMIT did just that.  Michael Paull VP of Digital Video for Amazon discussed what Amazon is doing and what they have on the drawing board.

Amazon has done wonders in diversifying their content. They are expanding the lineup  to satisfy the current customer base and to bring in more subscribers.  The discussion was also centered around monetizing content and marketing. Mr. Paull is very excited and direct about what Amazon is doing with their content plays. They are a major player.

Stephen Meyer VP of Video Strategy for Comcast. Comcast has always been in the thick of convergence. The Xfinity brand is bringing TV Everywhere to all of their customers across all platforms. Its gives the customer the ability to see their content when and how they want to see it. Comcast is a major player on many levels but they love innovation and it keeps them on top.

Roku, Vubiquity, iDemand were among the many media companies in attendance at the summit. It was an eye opening experience for me and to be among so many decision makers was wonderful.  I got the words from the guys and gals who are the leaders in the way we will see content for the future. Of course I put my 2 and 3 cents in!

Everyone is now finally speaking with one another about how we can all work together in the future. This is the wild west and a new frontier and we all need to be involved in how we are going to work together. The consumer is now the big boss. The content creators, hardware makers, distributors and all the additional players have to work together now.

I feel this is a good thing. The gate keepers of old are having to rethink their plans and be more inclusive of culture, diversity of staff and allowing the stories that have not been told in the past be told now.

More on this to come as things take shape and roll out. We know now that AT&T wants to buy Time Warner. We shall see how that turns out. Let me know how you feel about the proposed merger.

Peggy D


AD Week Hits New York!

One of the most exciting and important weeks in the media industry is coming up! Ad Week begins Monday September 23rd and runs until September 27th.  It is the week where advertisers, technology, media, television, corporations, brands, brand makers and cutting edge creative, marketing and of course the advertising world; gathers together and decide where all of this content is going and how much do we pay for it.

It is definitely the wild west  in the media world. There are so many platforms now as the consumer has many choices to view and engage content on. Lets throw in mobile! Its gets more and more interesting. The big question is how do we monetize all of these platforms? There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel but we still have a ways to go.

Monday opens up with, ‘How Mobile Is Turning Marketing on Its Head’.  Then you have ‘Beyond Mobile, The Media Platforms of the Future.’ One of the high lights will be the Tech Showcase. I loved this last year. Ad Week began to bring in technology. This is the most exciting move as it brings things front and center.

Ad Week is a must for professionals in almost any industry. If you are serious about being ahead of the curve, then Ad Week is a must.  For more info go to http://www.advertisingweek.com   to register. I will be back with more updates during the week. You can check out my adventures at Ad Week by following me on Twitter @PeggyDodson or my blog.

Peggy D

Romare Bearden Forever Stamps and 11-11-11

Romare Bearden Forever StampI want to follow up on the Romare Bearden event at the Schomburg, it was really special. I really love what the USPS does with it’s African American series. This one was special for me as I just love Romare Bearden. He was a very special artist.  Ronald A. Stroman, Deputy Postmaster General made the presentation.  The whole ceremony was first class.

I remember I attended the Madame C.J. Walker stamp ceremony also. It was actually held in her mansion in Westchester. I felt honored and proud to be there, what an inspiration!! And now Romare Bearden!!  The most exciting thing for me was that I got the opportunity to meet members of Romare Bearden’s family!!!  Now that is one for my own herstory book!!  It was very uplifting. This is also the 100 year celebration of Romare Bearden so this was a very special event. Below is more info about the Forever Stamp. Go out and get your Romare Bearden Forever Stamps!!!  They are beautiful!!!  For more information on the USPS stamps series, go to  http://www.usps.com/shop  or call 800-STAMP-24.

Today is also the celebration of  11-11-11. Everyone is asking why this day is so special and the reason is multi-layered. But the essence of it is that numbers are power as Lloyd Strayhorn says. Everything is based on numbers which is vibrations. Everything and everyone is connected and we are all here on this earth to move closer in our own way, to GOD, THE MOST HIGH, the Universe, or whatever you call that Total Beingness.  To be practical, it means to live your dreams, dare to push the envelope, be the best vision of yourself you can imagine, help your fellow man and woman, love nature, respect your elders and love your children and most of all love yourself!!!  Happy 11-11-11 Everyone!!  I send you Love, Light, Peace, Success, Perfect Health and Well Being and Happiness!!!

Peggy D

Romare Bearden's Forever Stamp

American Artist Romare
Bearden’s Work Honored on Forever Stamp

Renaissance Man Transcended Beyond “The Block”
Harlem, NY
— The artwork of Romare Bearden, one of America’s most prolific artists, is
featured on a set of four Forever stamps dedicated today by the U.S. Postal
Service during a first-day-of-issuance ceremony at the Schomburg Center for
Research in Black Culture.

“Today, we are proud to dedicate a sheet of stamps that honor a
man who became one of the 20th Century’s most distinguished, important and
inventive American artists,” said Deputy Postmaster General Ron Stroman. “Using
various materials, such as foil, cut paper, and fabric, Romare Bearden
transformed collage into a forceful means of expression with mainstream appeal
— and in doing so, he framed the complexities of the African-American
experience in a broad historical and cultural context.”

Joining Stroman to dedicate the stamp were E.T. Williams,
chairman of the Board of Directors, Romare Bearden Foundation; Dr. Khalil
Gibran Muhammad, director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black
Culture; Thelma Golden, director and chief curator of the Studio Museum in
Harlem, and Raschelle Parker, manager, Marketing, New York District, U.S.
Postal Service.

Bearden is celebrated for his groundbreaking approach to collage
along with his work in watercolors, oils, and other media. The four collages by
Bearden, depicted above, and as they appear on the stamp sheet from left to
right are: Conjunction (1971), Odysseus: Poseidon, The Sea God—Enemy
of Odysseus
(1977), Prevalence of Ritual: Conjur Woman (1964) and Falling
(1979). Art director Derry Noyes chose a different work by Bearden for
each of the four stamp designs.

Among Bearden’s early paintings were figural works recalling his
childhood roots in the South, done in gouache on brown paper. His paintings of
the 1940s also were inspired by literary sources such as the Bible, Federico Garcia
Lorca’s poetry, and Homer’s Iliad. Bearden turned to writing lyrics for
songs, including the hit “Seabreeze.” Music, in particular jazz and the blues,
was a strong influence on Bearden’s art.

Bearden’s monumental cityscape, The Block, was exhibited
at the Museum of Modern Art. His art has also been praised for depicting
African-American experience in its full dimensions and is in the permanent
collections of major museums across the nation. Considered one of America’s
greatest collagists, Bearden was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1987 by
then President Reagan.

Ordering First-Day-of-Issue Postmarks

Customers have 60 days to obtain the first-day-of-issue postmark by mail. They
may purchase new stamps at their local Post Office™ facility, at The Postal
Store® website at www.usps.com/shop, or by calling 800-STAMP-24
They should affix the stamps to envelopes of their choice, address the envelrs), and place them in a larger envelope
addressed to:

Romare Bearden Stamp


421 Eighth Ave., Room 2029B

New York, NY 10199-9998

Romare Bearden's Foever Stamps!!

Blockbuster Conference Week!!

The fall conference schedule is in full swing!!  It seems like everyone is having something in October, just too many things going on in the Big Apple. These are some of my favorites for professionals in the media, cable and just plain business.   My first is in the arts, tomorrow kicks off the Harlem Arts Alliances’ ‘Harlem Arts Advocacy Week’.  They are honoring Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee and Danny Simmons Monday, October 3rd at 9am at Riverside Theatre in the Riverside Church in Harlem. For more info go to http://www.harlemaa.org

The next things is Ad Week. This is advertising’s big show. Everyone will be there, lots of events, concerts, panels, networking and parties!  Major heavyweights will be in town for this one. I am especially pleased about the fact that they are now focusing more on African-American and Latin markets. We buy everything but have not had the presence in the business as we should have, so it looks like things are changing–FINALLY!!  So get to at least one or two of these events, its includes radio also. It kicks off Monday and runs until Friday this week and will be held mainly at the Times Center but also other locations.  For more info go to http://www.advertisingweek.com

The next in line is the Show Biz Expo that is happening Wednesday October 5th from 9am to 5pm at the Penn Plaza Hotel on west 33rd street in NYC. It is the place to be if you are interested in production, film, media, technology,acting and everything else.  To register and it’s free, go to http://www.theshowbizexpo.com

The other thing that is happening at the same hotel, Penn Plaza is the New York Small Business Expo.  I went to this last year and was so impressed!!  I made mad contacts and got lots of info to help my business including some deals!!  So please go to this, it is FREE to attend, oh, so is the Show Biz Expo, just go online to register. They do have seminars that are not free but to just go there and to network and get info from vendors, etc. That is free!!  To get to the business expo go to http://thesmallbusinessexpo.com  We all need help these days whether we are a home based business, have a store front or an office. This will definitely jump-start your business.

The last mega event this week is CTAM. This is the cable advertisers conference where the big companies like Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision and the advertisers get together with networks and other media companies and discuss the state of the cable industry and to MAKE DEALS!!!  Guess who will be there among the big guys? Yours truly. I am not playing. CTAM is from Wednesday October 5th to Friday October 7th.  For more info go to http://www.ctam.com

One final mention is the Lincoln Center Film Festival. It looks like a winner this year. Many films shown here have been nominated for Oscars. So if that is not enough, don’t know what is. So get to it and get on the good foot as the late great King of Soul James Brown sang.


Peggy D

Television Festival and More!

'Running Wilde Talk Back'The NY Television Festival has wrapped up and was a pretty big success this year. The land of TV is changing for sure and we must all move forward into the new age of digital technology and multi-platform distribution. People today are watching their favorite programs on smaller devices and whenever they want to. Digital Day was my favorite day as it gave me insights on what is to come and affirmed that the path I am taking with my media business is the right path for me and what UBC has to offer and will be offering in the future to the masses. The Multiplatform and Transmedia Storytelling was great, so was the MSN panel on original content. You can see all of the panels online by going to the NYTVF website which is listed in my blog.

Writer’s Boot Camp had a great panel on character development, storyline development and the difference between writing for television and for film. Great panel. They have offices in New York and give classes online and in person.  Quite a few people who have taken their courses write for many of the major television shows today. If  you are serious about becoming a professional writer you have to put in the time and study to do so. It takes talent but it is also a skill. Go to http://www.writersbootcamp.com  for more info.

This has been a big week in the advertising world as Advertising Week kicked off in NYC on Monday. Lots and lots of panels, parties, networking, awards…. too much for me to say here. The world of advertising is definitely changing. And guess what? Its going digital. The gap is closing between traditional television and multimedia and social media. Ad agencies now have to re think their strategies. Also the next thing in the mix is the fact that the world is becoming more Black and Brown. multiculturalism is the new buzz word.  Every company from MSN, Google, Yahoo, AOL and you name it was here this week. The conference is wrapping up with a big party hosted by Facebook Thursday night and guess who will be there getting her network on?   Check it out at http://advertisingweek.com

Another good thing going on this week until mid October is the Hip Hop Theater Festival. I will have more on that in a couple of days but you can go to http://hhtf.org to check it out. Lots of dance, theater and great art!!

Remember that tomorrow is the memorial for ABBEY LINCOLN. That Friday evening. Check it out in my blog listing.

Finally-whew!!  This saturday is Back Stage’s Actor Fest.  If you are an actor, actress, singer, dancer or performer, you must attend. They will have workshops, you can meet casting directors in person, photographers and many other people and companies that are in the industry of film, television, music, radio and theater. Dont forget voiceovers. If you are serious about your career, please go there. There will be reps from the soaps in addition to producers, directors, etc.  A regular pass is FREE!!!!  Just sign up. The workshops are usually a reasonable fee. Go to http://www.actorfest.com   This should be enough for you.



Cast of New Fox Series 'Running Wilde'

Will Arnett star of Running Wilde