The Democratic National Convention Rolls Into Philadelphia With A BANG!!

The Democrats have taken Philadelphia by storm. The Democratic National Convention is taking off and the first night was power packed with speaker after speaker that made the case for Hillary Clinton to become the first woman President of the United States of America.

The day was filled with controversy as with most things on a political level. The email hack and leak of emails that were focused on Bernie Sanders were cause for Debbie Wasserman, CEO of the DNC to resign. The hack is still suspect and the timing of it is very interesting. Some say it was Russia but others will disagree and said it was Donald Trump’s people attempt to divide and cast a cloud over the Convention.

The day begin in some chaos but was rescued by a stellar lineup of star power of the likes of Al Franken, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, First Lady Michelle Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders.

First Lady Michelle Obama stole the show with a delivery only Michelle Obama could do. She made a strong case for a Hillary Clinton Presidency. She had the crowd on its feet and you could hear a pin drop! I had the great pleasure of being on the convention floor and the blessing to witness history and herstory. It was ELECTRIC!!

Mrs Obama will be missed once President Obama leaves office. She has been one if not the most awesome First Ladies ever!! The floor was filled with love and support for her and it was a wonderful experience.

This is my first Convention so I am soaking it up and also a very critical time in the history of our country. We are in a crisis on many levels and the campaign by Donald Trump has created a division between Americans. It has inflamed hate and feelings of separation.  Elizabeth Warren’s speech was so clear on what the differences between a Donald Trump Presidency and a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be.  They are in stark contrast to one another. Its like Trump is Darth Vader and Hillary is the Jedi Master.  We must choose the Dark side of the Force or the Light side.  We are in the midst of making a choice that will affect our country and the world for decades.

Cory Booker was passionate as he spoke.  He included some of our legendary figures like Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou and other great that have gone before us.

Bernie Sanders did something that most people thought he may not have done in light of the news earlier in the day; he not only endorsed Hillary Clinton as President, he stated the reasons why and also that he and Hillary have come to terms on a revolutionary platform that will transform our country!  They make a dynamite pair! Bernie brought the party together. There are still some Bernie supporters who do not like Hillary but we are now in a situation where we live or die. Its just that plain and intensely serious. Our future is in our hands and we must move now to protect and save our world or it will not be around on many levels.

Bernie also gave credit to his followers and to the contributors and the revolution he has created to actually help the American people who are suffering the most. I was so happy and proud to be in the midst of all of that energy and love. To see Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters begin to come together. It was a beautiful thing to witness. I just wished it had happened before last night; but we are not too  late.

The other things I love about this new progressive platform is that for the first time they are taking on sentencing laws, mental health, addiction, small business and many other things that have not ever been included in any platform before.

Its a good thing. That gives me hope that we can create something new out of the ending of this era as we know it because it is the end of things as we know it. So get ready for it and get out and vote and tell everyone who you know to vote. A no vote is a vote for the Trump agenda and that is a scary thing. If you do not vote you will get what you deserve.

First Lady Michelle Obama ignites the DNC!

First Lady Michelle Obama ignites the DNC!

Take control of your destiny and cast your vote in November.

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Look out for more from me at the Democratic National Convention this week.


Peggy D


Prince and his numbers by Lloyd Strayhorn

Prince and his numbers by Lloyd Strayhorn

There are no words from me that I can say about how devastated I am over the death of PRINCE. I am putting together something in my own words and will publish it soon but I have to come to terms with this first. This was quite unexpected and the mystery surrounding his death makes things even more intense.

Lloyd Strayhorn is a top astro numerologist and has appeared on numerous national radio talk shows and on national television shows like Oprah Winfrey.  He is very good at what he does and has this 6th sense about you. Its more than the numbers, he actually has the ‘GIFT’ of seeing into the soul.

Let’s explore what Lloyd says about PRINCE’s numbers. Be sure to check Lloyds’ books out and you can also contact him directly. I am putting his info here at the end. Next up will be Michael Jackson and Prince together.  Lloyd will also be doing segments for UBC-TV’s streaming network later this summer so get ready to learn and evolve.

Check back next week for my PRINCE post. For now I give the stage over to the wonderful Lloyd Strayhorn!

A Numerical Look at Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)

The shocking and unexpected passing of Prince last Thursday sent waves of disbelief around the world.  And with good reason. . .Prince was a musical genius beyond imagination.  Born on June 7, 1958, his key numbers are the 7, 2 and 5.  The 7, is a number associated with a strongly marked individuality.  The 7, as a rule has incredible ideas if carried out.  The 7, also by nature is consider the “loner” number. It likes to stay under the radar. . .out of the way the bright lights usually.  This brief overview of the number 7 describes Prince to a tee.  So it’s no wonder that despite his public and musical persona, Prince was true to his private side.  Let’s take a numerical look at few example of the 7 in Prince’s life.
* Prince’s childhood nickname was “Skipper”. . .7 letters

* His sister, Tyka was born in 1960 (1+9+6+0 = 16; 1+6 = 7)
* Wrote his first song, “Funk Machine” at age 7

* Prince won 7 Grammy awards. . .7

* His first album, “For You” was released on the 7th of April. . .7

* The album, where Prince played all 27 instruments, produced, arranged, composed it was released in 1978. . .(1+9+7+8 = 25; 2+5 = 7)

* At age 25, he formed “The Revolution”. . .(2 + 5 = 7)

* Prince released the double album “Sign o’ the Times” in 1987 (1+9+8+7 = 25; 2+5 + 7)

* Changed his stage name in 1993 at age 34 to a symbol(3 + 4 =7)

* Prince won 7 Grammy awards. . .7

* He was found on the elevator of his Paisley Park estate at 9:43 am (9+4+3 = 16; 1+6 = 7)

* On the day Prince died, April 21, 2016 was a 7 Universal Day (4+2+1+2+0+1+6 = 16; 1+6 = 7)

And there’s more.  Next up. . .Prince and Michael Jackson, an astro-numerical comparison of these musical genuises.

FYI:  Contact information
Website. .

Books. . .”Numbers and You”; “Lloyd’s Numbers and You Workshop”, “Lloyd’s Numbers and You Relationship Guide”

Toll Free No: 800-581-4401

On-line Numerology course beginning June 1st.
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Hello everyone,

One of my favorite things I look forward to in March is New York International Auto Show. This year is no exception.  The auto industry is one of the major bright spots in the U.S. Economy and is an industry that helps determine consumer spending and how healthy the economy is. I can say that people are buying cars and will continue to purchase mainly because cars have now become a ‘Lifestyle’. Technology has had a lot to do with that.  Cars are not only for getting from one place to another; they are for LIVING and enjoyment. Technology has enabled the most modest car buyer to experience the hottest technology including WIFI hot spots and many other luxuries that had been only available to the high end car buyer. You can actually live in your car now.  The Self Driving cars are on the move and will be ready soon.

The SUV is alive and kicking. Major luxury lines are coming out with their own SUV this year and next year. Bentley is one of those brands. Rolls Royce is working on one, Volvo has a awesome SUV and Maserati has an SUV!!!  Times have changed and are changing in the auto world.  Auto’s and Technology are coming together to take us all to the next level of experience.

The NY International Auto Show does not disappoint, get out there! It’s on until April 3rd. And do not forget the DUB show. It’s hot and they added Motorcycles last year. Its a day of fun, education and dreaming and testing that new car you have been wanting to check out! I have done my own research and have a few options for my next new babies. This time I will have to get 2 cars and a truck.!! LOL!  The trucks are downstairs and they have some beauties. Be sure not to miss them!

For tickets and more about the NY International Auto show , go to

WATCH OUT FOR UBC-TV ‘s New show on cars and lifestyle this summer!

Peggy D


New York International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show

Architectural Digest Show comes to New York, Armory Show Focus on Africa

Hello All,

2016 has been a year of great change. We are in the midst of significant changes in business, technology, finance and life as we know it. So get ready for it. More on that at a later time.  I wanted to discuss the Armory Show this year. I was very pleased that the focus was on African Art this year. Africa is re-emerging as a major force in the art world. Mother Africa is where is all began and here we are here and now right back at the beginning.

So a big shout out to the Armory organizers. I wanted to also give a shout out to the New York City Galleries. They really brought their best this year and New York has become the center of visual art among other industries.

Check out the Armory site by going to

If you are into interior design, love luxury and the designs shows, you need to get to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show.  There will be over 400 Brands from lighting, kitchens, furniture and more!! The show is 4 days from March 17 to 20 at Pier 92 and 94 in New York. For tickets go to

Architectural Digest Home Show!

Architectural Digest Home Show!


Once a year the global arts world converge on New York City. Its called the Armory Show that will be held March 3rd through the 6th at Piers 92 and 94 in Manhattan, New York.  It is where over 200 of the world’s premier galleries gather to show their wares, network and sell some of the world’s most treasured art pieces.

What I love about the Armory Show is that it gives art collectors up close and personal contact with artists, galleries owners and industry professionals from all over the world. If you wanted to always go to Paris, Milan or any of the galleries in the world to purchase art you can now do it right here in Manhattan.  In addition to the world presence there will be galleries from all across the USA and New York City.  So there is no excuse for you not to go to this special treat to all of the art collectors and even the ones of you who just want to learn about art. The whole week will be filled with art tours, gallery showings and fun. I will be there in the midst of it all because I love art and I collect art. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @PeggyDodson to catch my Meerkat Live stream of the show or the restream of it.

For more information on The Armory Show and to get your tickets; go to Romare Bearden Forever Stamp


Hello Everyone! I am excited about 2016, lots of great things happening all around us. It is definitely time for change and we are getting it on all fronts.  Economic change is one of the most important things I see needed in our communities. Rev. Jesse Jackson is about economic empowerment and is bringing the Wall Street Summit to New York City beginning February 16th, 17th and 18th. Check out the press release and get your tickets today. I will be there covering the events and am looking to have a sit down with the legendary Jesse Jackson.

Have a great one!

Rev Jackson brings the Wall Street Summit to New York!

Rev Jackson brings the Wall Street Summit to New York!

WSP NY press release


Hello All,

I am back in the loop!! I have been so very busy this year! It has been a year of grand expansion for me personally and for my company UBC-TV. I am now launching my own personal Live Steam Channel via Meerkat and Periscope. I had a great experience and time at AD TECH this year! Take a ride along with me and learn what is going on in the online advertising arena and my networking adventures!! Its pretty wild and funny!! But I promise you will learn a lot!!


Peggy D