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Legendary Astro Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn Breaks Down 2017!



NUMBERS AND YOUI am always learning more and more about myself through numbers. Everything in the world and the universe is based upon numbers; that is why its so important for us to get our kids into math and the sciences at an early age.   Lloyd Strayhorn has done that and more. He embodies the mystical things in this world that most of us deny or continue to say do not exist. How many times have you had a feeling about something? That’s your intuition at work. Its the intangible thing that exist in our souls. Always trust it.

On that note, Lloyd is taking a look for each of the signs for 2017.  If you would like to connect with him please go to his site and buy his books and give him a call. He is AMAZING!!

His website is

In the meantime, here you go and have a great 2017!!

Peggy D

Numbers and You 2017 Predictions

2017 the year of the number 1


The year 2017, is the start of a brand-new 9 cycle for everyone, all over again.  Thus 2017, when adding the four numbers across (2+0+1+7 = 10; 1+0 = 1), adds to a 1 Universal Year. By definition, the word Universal means that each of us are likely to experience of the number 1. . .but to a greater of lesser degree.  Astrologically, the signs of Leo, Aquarius and Aries are likely to be this year’s favorite out of the group.  Numerically, those born on the 1st, 10th, especially, 19th or 28th of any month are likely to be this year’s favorite as well.

Astrologically, those under the signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Libra may find 2017 a bit more challenging, , ,all depending on their Personal Year cycle, a method of adding your month and date of birth, to the present year.  Numerically, those born on the 6th, 8th, 15th, 17th, 24th, and 26th may find 2017 a bit more challenging as well.

2017, being the year of the number 1, says just that!  The 2017 is the year to look out for number 1. . .that’s YOU. Me, Myself and I!   True, it sounds very selfish, but there’s another side to Me, Myself and I.  It doesn’t mean you don’t listen too, or respect the opinion of others. It does mean however; the final decision in the end is what’s in your best interest. Not theirs.  2017 suggest you bring out your pioneer spirit. Be original, daring, inventive, etc. Step out on faith if you have too. Carve a new or unique path for yourself that will affect the things you say and do, or don’t say and do, over this new 9-year-cycle.  Again, you also have your own Personal Year cycle in conjunction by adding your month and date of birth to the present year, 2017.  This adds further meaning of how the two cycles may mix in your special case for the year.  To learn more about your Personal Year cycle number, visit


When does 2017 actually start?


In numerology and astrology there is what as it known as a cusping period.  It a time when one beings to feels to energy or shift in the scheme of things.  Take the period of day into night.   There is a period when the sun begins to rise into the day, when the sun begins to set and gradually moves into night.  So it is with the Universal Year according to Numerology and Astrology.  That is, around the period of late September into October, the energy of 2017 begins to come into play.  It’s like going to a movie to see the main attraction, but you see “trailers” first.  Like the example, by the time January of 2017 enters officially at 12:01am, the energy is in full affect and the cosmic show begins.




You’ll likely to find the cosmic winds of 2017 at your back, Aries. This makes this year easier to get what you want, faster and in a more productive way. The year suggest you break new ground for yourself, for no one as rule is more daring and adventurous as you.  Think of what you want out of this 9-year cycle.   But more importantly, think about what you don’t want over the next 9 years.   Ask yourself the question, for example, can you see yourself living where you are the next 9 years?  Can you see yourself with this particular person or relationship the next 9 years? Can you see yourself in the same career or occupation the next 9 years? Get it! In your case this year it’s like planting a garden of what you wish to grow now. That you want to bear fruit.  Be proactive. Not overbearing. Be persistent, but not a pain!   Remember, no matter where you go, it always begins with your sign, representing “Spring”, the start of life.




You happen to be passing through a cycle of reflection and spiritual growth this year of 2017. It’s a cycle where you go with-in.  Taking a more, deeper introspective look at yourself.  You begin to question the motives why you do the things the way you do. It’s like soul-searching!  A period of self-discovery.  Because the cycle you’re in happens to be spiritual and insightful in nature, it’s important not to chase after those material and emotional things in life now. There’s another way to get them!   Being a Taurus, governing the 2nd house of possessions, it makes sense that these are the things you would normally go after.  First, practice the Law of Attraction. Like a magnet!  In other words, “visualize” what you want on the mental screen of your mind and don’t chase after them.  The power of magnetic attraction will then begin to pull things your way.  In essence “thoughts are things” for you this year.




If matters of the heart and finance has been a concern, that will not be the case for 2017. In fact, just the opposite!   Firstly, the cosmic energy centers around the home, personal appearance and some form of health regiment.  It’s all about being that better person and taking yourself to the next level. Because the emphasis leans mostly towards the emotional side, relationships in all shapes, forms and fashion are likely to be affected or influenced.  Most of them may be for the better. But reality check, there may be those that aren’t. Get some kind of schooling or specialized study under your belt.  It doesn’t matter as long as its some type self-improvement program such as a course of some type, a workshop, seminar, on-line course, etc.  Those things that may have been denied you about two years ago, will come to you this year in some form of compensation, by way monies, recognition, awards or the like.   Remember, the key to your success this year is to be a person of your word, and handle any and all duties or responsibilities that come your way.




Cancers, are you in for a treat this year for 2017. A hint of good luck, a hint of prosperity, a hint of the fun side of life are indicated in your stars this year. If nothing else, this is your year to be as creative, positive and productive as possible.   With the numerical influence of Jupiter aspecting your sign this year, it’s as if you can’t help but be successful if you tried. But that of course is up to you. On the other hand, if you fail to not take advantage of this years’ good fortune, the next around will be 2026 before you get this chance again. Feel me!   Work on making yourself a better person this year. Take advantage of any and all networking opportunities such as parties, events and the like that come your way. You’ll find that social engagements will be an element of success this year.   It might also interest you that games of chance is also in your favor. Not necessarily the games of chance at the casino, as so much as the games of chance in life.  If you play your cards right, and not overextend yourself you should do pretty well by the time this year is over.




Numerically speaking, Leo, you are the favorite out of all of the signs in the zodiac this year.  They don’t call you the King for nothing, right!  Because of this years’ cosmic fortune shining on you, this may creative a degree of envy or jealousy.  But it’s nothing you can’t handle.   Because the theme this year according to your sign, is about relationships, one way or the other and on all levels.   So don’t be surprise if one hand, a group asked you to join ranks with them.  Yet, another group may have a desire to go separate ways.   Patience and teamwork however, will be the key to your success for 2017. This is not the year to force things, but rather, allow your projects, plans and other things to develop “organically” on its own accord.   You actually laid the groundwork the year you just left, 2016.  It’s about have sitting tight a bit.   Along the way, it suggests that members of the opposite sex will be prove more to your advantage now than otherwise. The year may also bring about a change in diet as well as appearance.




2017 was made just for you when it comes to the home and health this year. In addition, relationships and financial indicators are also in your stars.  When it comes to the home, it’s likely to go through a “feng-shui” process of rearranging things around. You may even move out of one home into another before year’s end. The color theme for the home this year should have a hint of blue, bringing peace and tranquility.  On the health side of the year, a medical check-up, that is, if you haven’t had one in a while, along with some kind of work-out or exercise program should prove beneficial and exhilarating.   Along the way, you also notice more attention and detail to your personal appearance.  Project an air of confidence to enhance your image before others.  It’ll do wonders!  Aside from home and health events, comes the subjects of relationships and finances, which will be explored in more detail later.




True to the symbol of your sign, Libra, “The Scale”, this year tips towards the more spiritual side of life rather than material or emotional.  Rather, it’s a year to make a checklist of what you’ve been doing over the last year or so.  And how are things going now at this point in time.   It’s a period of getting to know yourself better. Reasons why you’ve been doing what you do.  And why.  And what does this mean for the present as well your future.  It’s also likely to be a year of self-discovery and secrets revealed, more to the positive than the negative that takes life to another level. The key to unlock those emotional and material you may be after this year is rush towards it.  Instead, let the magnetizing energy bring what you want simply thinking about it.  And thoughts are things, this is your year to put it into action.  So think carefully.




If you have a hard-charging attitude this year for 2017, you’re just about right.  It’s almost like you can’t be outdone. But be careful.  There’s always someone who wants to take it down a peg or two. Being a fixed sign, in the start of a numerical 9 year cycle moving forward, and depending on the Personal Year cycle you’re in, this is your year to rock!  What your do over the course of this 365-day cycle sets the foundation of what comes of the years ahead.  It’s just that important.  As some point this year, there’s likely to be in the news in the pike-line of a promotion, advancement or a new career move. Originality and a stand-alone attitude helps get the right attention you need for 2017.  The more your focus like a lazar of light on what your goals and objective are, the more others are likely to be impressed with what you have to offer.  But the most important thing is what you feel your worth, and are you heading in the right direction as you move forward.




Although no one enjoys life and entertainment better than your sign Sagittarius, 2017 suggest you may have to put these areas of life on pause for a moment.   It’s about getting serious this year!  Having your pieces in place. Laying the cornerstone to those important projects and plans you dreamed about, if work hard enough, may become a reality. It may not be easy at first, but it will be well worth it by year’s end.  You just have to give it your best. You may even have to take that extra step to get to where you need to be.  But you’ll be more than compensated on the other side in you hang in there.   Because of the unique cycle you happen to be passing through for this year, allow for any sudden, and or unexpected changes at last the last moment.  A way of offsetting this is by having a plan of action or options in place for just in case.  Take nothing or no one for granted this year. Be selective in who you give money too this year since everyone is not your friend.  And be mindful of needs having priorities over wants; and avoid being wasteful.  It’ll keep more money in your pocket.




No one has a bigger heart than you Capricorn and this is your year to show it. Of course no one ever thinks this way in the beginning, but it is a part of your cosmic DNA.  Over all the year of 2017 is about making your hopes and desires, finally a reality. It’s also a year to put things aside finally, once and for all, toxic and otherwise. The year will offer an opportunity to embark on long-distance trips and journeys.  Motivating and inspiring other to be at their best, has the boom-a-rang effect of bring out the best in you.  And it is in this way you show the bigness and kindness of your heart to others and humanity this year. As a word of counsel this year, avoid anyone or anything of a negative, conflicting or harmful nature, no matter how well intention they are.  Your goal this year is to take the high road and stay there.  Although earthy and pragmatic by nature, you horizons are likely to broaden this year. So if you yourself make a long distant trip or two, won’t prevent someone from afar coming your way.  All in all the year is likely to have its fulfillments.




If you’re the kind of stay at home Aquarius, you can forget that routine this year for 2017.   You’ll find for one reason or the other, you’ll find this to be an active, yourself on the go. Especially short trips of a couple of days or so.  More importantly, however, you’ve entered a cycle where important changes are about to take place.  It’s a matter of deciding in what direction your wish to go.  In almost all cases, the course you decide to take will be productive and beneficial…taking you to a better place.  And this is a year to stay especially alert to any and all opportunities that could potentially get your name and or career reputation out there before the pubic. Try not to be impatient or quick-tempered for this may work against you, especially during the 21 day retrograde periods during April 9th and August 12th.  You’re likely to find yourself pretty much energize and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  You’re likely to find an increase in different tastes, variety and experiences.  If you pick up on it, you may notice the opposite sex taking a greater interest in you.




Where last year may have been a busy, career and creative driving year, 2017, compared to that, may be like slamming on the breaks.  It’s like waking up and asking yourself, what happened?  Where last year things were flowing along smoothly, the question this year may be why the sudden and unexpected change.  Numerically, your cycle this year suggest a different strategy.   A year where you have to begin to think outside the box, rather the tried and true approach.  And the things you do are not likely to be done without some form of energy, effort and expenditures on your part.  But if the question becomes, was the time, sweat, sacrifice and other hurdles worth the effort, the answers comes back as, yes.  Pace yourself this year and not get caught up in the rush of things.  You may have to start over again if you don’t heed the signs.


Copyright 2016 Lloyd Strayhorn


Lloyd Strayhorn’s 2013 Forecast

If you do not know Lloyd Strayhorn you should. He is a a world renown astro numerologist; and he will be featured later this year on UBC-TV.  Lloyd combines numbers with astrology in addition to having an uncanny sense of intuition. He predicted that President Obama would win a second term hands down many months before the election!  He even predicted the swing states he would win. The man is that good.  You can reach him via the info at the end of the blog post but check out his 2013 forecast and if you want something personal, it is worth it.

Lloyd Strayhorn’s

2013 Zodiac Predictions


Theme:  The cycle you’re passing through the big “’13” this year is likely to evolve around home, family, friends. And to some extent, the community!  This is especially so if you happen to be born under 6th, the 15th or the 24th, under this zodiac sign.  Areas you been wishing to advance in the romance and finance department is undeniably here.  In keeping with the year you’ll notice a need to upgrade your personal appearance.  If it means getting involved in a weight loss or exercise program, that’s about right. Approach 2013 with the right attitude and the right spirit!  It will prove advantageous. A major purchase of some kind may be underway as well as if you didn’t know that already.


Theme: Jupiter, the planet of Luck, fame and fortune transits your sign for 2013.  Blessings and abundance are part of the goodies nicely wrapped.  To accent the positive, 2013, adds to the single digit of 6, ruler of Venus; ruler of your zodiac sign!   So no excuses for not getting over these 365 days!  It’s about working on all aspects of you here and there.  It’s about sprucing up your appearance, creating a more youthful aura and appeal.  Become that better person taking a course, or seminar that adds to your value.  And the good thing is, excess of any kind has the best chance of being brought under control.  You have lots to look forward to this year especially true if you are born on the 3rd, 12h, 21st and 30th under this sign.


Theme:  This year is about getting a better handle of things.  Slowly, but surely!  Events this year may be somewhat up in the air that you can’t quite put a finger on.  The year may appear to be rather slow moving, but you will move ahead.  The key however is to exercise patience and deliberation, rather than ripping and running.  Expect subtle changes in areas of the home, relationships – from personal to business – in addition to rearrangements of some kind at the work place.  The key is not to force, but rather to gather the facts and observe the results.  So although you may appear to be the last one out the stall this year, you’ll see before it’s all over that you’re ahead more than you know. This is particularly so if you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th under this sign.



Theme:  Sensitive and serious as ever, you’re about to reach a high point this 2013.  A year you haven’t seen in awhile!  Nothing short of achievements and accomplishments are in your stars.  It’s simply a matter of how high you reach.  Healthy improvements in the areas of romance and finance are very encouraging.  At the same time, you’ll be passing through a property cycle!  It should come as no surprise that a change or move takes place around your home.  Past matters and old friends are also likely to crop up this year as well!  As a result a lot of growing up of who and what is really important.  This is more pronounce if you happen to be born on the 8th, 17th or 26th under this sign.


Theme:  This year offers you a period for soul-searching and personal reflection.  Unlike the year before, where you had an opportunity to shine and stand out in the home and community. This time you’ll find yourself going through a personal Odyssey as to where your life is going.  And why!  This will be especially true if you’re born on the seventh, the 16th, or the 25th under this sign.  The key is not to chase after what you want.  Instead, simply think about it or meditate on the subject in mind.  You heard phrase “be careful what you asked for”.  In your special case “it’s what you think about” the most, that’ll eventually be drawn to you. So be careful because in every sense the word thoughts are things in your special case for 2013.  This applies even more so to those under this sign born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of the month.


Theme: This year is in keeping with your natural way of living and eating. It’ll be a time where being patient, sweet and irresistible is the best way to go.  So if your notice a change in diet and way of living and lifestyle it should come as no surprise at all. This is especially true if you happen to be born on the 2nd, 1120 to 29 under this sign.  Kindness and consideration on your part goes a long way this year so don’t be pushy.  Let things unfold organically and you’ll get what you want. This is especially true if you’re born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th under this sign.


Theme:  2013 is about having as much fun as you can this year.   Yet it’s equally auspicious to ratchet up your career.   In a sense it’s like having the best of both worlds.  It’s like you can’t help but prosper this year.   Only the right attitude and approach will determine the outcome.  Look to advance at most of the things you go after and not let anything stand in your way.  When told, “you can’t do it and you can’t do that”, the more determined you to succeed.  Its’ part of the secret to your success for the “’13” ’!  You’re in a position to enhance other aspects of your life that’s overdue for a make-over.  With it comes a major change in your life along with promising career and social prospects.  You are going to be quite busy this year and that’s how you like it anyway.  This is especially so if you’re born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th under this sign.



Theme:  If you want to balance the books in your life for 2013 your wish has arrived.  Sometimes, too much of a good thing is just as bad as none.   It’s important you find your center this year.  This balance is likely to be spread evenly between home, family, education, health as well as meeting goals regarding your personal appearance.  At the same time, there will appear to be forces pulling at you around responsibilities and obligations.  Don’t shy away from them, for the law of lesson and compensation will be your reward.  This is especially so if you’re born on the 6th, 15th or 24th under this sign.  There are forces at work regarding a career move or property before it’s all over.



Theme:  The year, 2013 is made for you, especially if you happened to be born of the 9th, 18th or the 27th of the month under this sign.  This is your year to complete your dreams. . .and then some!  There are no limits or restraints to hold you back, and if it is, that’s because you allow it.  The year is about cutting losses, be it a relationship, excessive spending or anything you’ve outgrown since last year.  It’s not about short changing yourself at all or for anyone.  Those with selfish motives in mind this year may not think of you as nice, as you cut them loose, one by one. However, what matters is that this year’s theme is about taking better care of you. Without question, you have lots to look forward too. But it’s up to you particularly if you’re born on the 9th, 18th or 27th under this sign!


Theme:  At least you get a chance to breathe this year as compared with the one before.  At no other time now you can sense a change is in the air.  It’s like a life-changing experience allowing you a chance to turn things around completely.  You’ll have a chance to travel more and along the way notice the opposite sex suddenly hot on your case.  However, the trick is not to commit yourself too soon!  It’s about having the flexibility to move whichever direction the winds of change and opportunity are blowing..


Theme:   This year if nothing else denotes a fresh start.  It’s about being proactive in the ‘13 and going after what you want.  The objective is to take the lead and stay there.  Dealing with matters head-on this year brings a new found level of respect.  This attitude of mind is even more pronounced if you’re born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th under this sign.  The cycle you’re in says you can’t afford to wait around either.  If you fail to take advantage of the energy around you it may be awhile before it comes this way again!  Since this is the Age of Aquarius, and you’re transiting a cycle of things bring new; expect nothing less.


Theme:  2013 in essence is about making your fondest hopes, dreams and desires crystallize into tangible and touchable things.  Especially if you’ve been faithfully wishful and positive!  Now you’ll get a chance to turn dreams into reality.  It’s a no joke year!  If you’re serious, what you’ve been longing for is at last coming your way.  At the same time, you’ll find yourself going through a process of elimination or weeding out of persons, places and things that has not been in your best interest now or in the past.  Some feelings may be hurt in the process but it’s not your intention.  It’s that in some respect it’s about letting go and let God.  This is even more the case if you’re born on the 9th, 18th or 27th under this sign.


For a more detail reading on your zodiac sign for 2013 go to:

Copyright 2013 Lloyd Strayhorn

Lloyd Strayhorn and Your Beauty Number

Happy New Year everyone!!  Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success wishes to everyone in this new year.  I am looking forward to what is to come and am for the first time in a long while excited about the new year.  This will be a very interesting one with an election and the direction of America and the world is at stake. I hope you all really take it seriously, get and vote when the time comes!!  Of course, the Mayan Calendar says the end of the world is coming!  I think the people who are interpreting that has it wrong. It is in fact the end of a long cycle, thousands of years and hundreds of years all ending at the same time. This will be a new beginning so in that sense, it is the end, now what will all of those cycles ending bring for us? That is to be decided by The Most High. We definitely will see, it could mean earthquakes or more of what we are seeing now,  people all over the world  finally awakening to the fact that they do have the power to make change and are rebelling!!  This is the age of Aquarius!! Big changes ahead for all of us!!  So seize the time you have and make your life the best ever!! Take your life, your career, your business to the next level. Help those in need and keep smiling!!  It really helps to make things better!

With that being said, my dear friend Lloyd Strayhorn has another chapter to share with you. This is about your beauty numbers. Guys you can read this too!  Lloyd will be back with more 2012 predictions so stay tuned!!

If you want to reach Lloyd Strayhorn directly for your personal charts, you can give him a call at 800-541-4401 or go to his website for more info at

What’s Your Beauty Number

By LLoyd Strayhorn

Beauty Number 1

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month then your beauty number is the number 1

Your beauty as a number 1 person lies in your ability. . .believe it or not, to be direct and honest with those you deal with.  And it might be said sometimes, too direct.  At times this may be mistaken for being cold and insensitive when it comes to their feelings!  Other times it may be the mistaken impression that you’re frosty or indifferent.  But it isn’t that.   It’s only because your respond naturally to will and logic, rather than feelings and emotions.  Your beauty expression is simply to call it the way you see it!  So when it comes to giving an honest answer, you seem to be the one.  But then in short order, you find yourself putting your arms around them, still showing love and support.  Another side to your beauty number is the way you carry yourself.  You like to hold your head high. You take pride in your leadership ability and your original way of doings things. . .which you use to your best advantage.  When it comes to expressing your sexual beauty, you pride yourself on endurance and stamina in this area of your life

Beauty Number 2

If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month then your beauty number is the number 2

Your beauty, lie in an ability to charm your way with those around you!  When you’re at your absolute best and when you really, really want something. .you are simply irresistible! And very persuasive I might add when it comes to getting it!  But no one. . .perhaps other than a number 6 person does it better than you.  Your receptivity to others is what draws them into your beauty aura.  You are comforting, nurturing and supportive if given the chance.  And from this perspective you’re all that a personal can want in a relationship.  Appearing shy at times, appearing somewhat defenseless (all depending upon the situation of course because we know you’re really stronger than that) how can others not be drawn to you.  Your beauty number, also suggest you’re affectionate, attentive and that it’s the little things that goes a long way in your book as far as you’re concerned.  Actually, when it comes to relationships, especially of the emotionally kind, no one can have a better mate than you.  Part of your beauty is feel and sense things about people and places which you can use to advantage to keep away the drama and stress.

Beauty Number 3

If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month then the number 3 is your beauty number

Your beauty, lie in the ability to bring out the best in others with a smile.  Like the rays of the sun.  You personify fun and optimism.  You personify an ability to express yourself creatively and artistically.  Always bringing a beam of light to the face of others upon meeting or by simply being in your presence!  Just your friendly personality alone is charming in itself.  It’s magnetic, contagious and stimulating which is why others want to get with you right away. To know you better!  In short, you’ve very people friendly.  Part of your beauty influence at times may seem flirtatious from others viewpoint.  But you just have a way of quickly getting the attention of others with a glance. . .and a smile of course.  So be a little careful and conscious as not to make the wrong impression when you simply, as far as you’re concerneOf d, just having fun and enjoying yourself.  Anyone with sense would love having you as their mate since you as a rule bring out the best of them.  Especially if they have potential or something to offer!  And if they do, you’ll be behind them all the way.

Beauty Number 4

If you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month then the number 4 is your beauty number

Your beauty, lie in your unique ability to think outside the box.  The ability to do and express yourself in ways that’s usually different or unusual to say the least!  It’s in this way that others are often drawn to take a second look. That’s because they didn’t quite get it the first time around.   Actually what your beauty motto should be is “to know me is to love me”.  Through no fault of your own, it normally takes your beauty number time to warm up with others. . .and they to you. Once comfortable in your own skin and surroundings, family members, friends as well as co-workers will find it much easier to work and associate with you.  Bringing out the best in your beauty number, believe it or not, also largely depends on your state of mind.  It’s about the way you think about yourself. . .as well as the way you think or feel others may persevere you.  So having a positive, can-do attitude of mind will usually off-set any negative energy you’re likely to run into.

Beauty Number 5

If you were born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month then your beauty number is the number 5

Your beauty lies in the ability number 5 to seemingly bring out the sex attraction in others.  And that can be a good thing.  It least that’s what draws them initially to you!  But another side of your beauty number also says you have the smarts as well to match your sexuality.  But it seems to be the sex appeal of your beauty numbers that really draws the attention. Yours beauty number suggest you’re bright, engaging and very people oriented.  Generally quick to make decisions, especially when under stress is one of your strong points.  Yet your beauty number warns against any over-indulgence that excites the nerves and senses like drinking, sex or drug use.  Another part of your beauty makeup is not to hold on to a grudge or hurt for long.  That’s because mentally and emotionally you live in the moment!  Pity Parties as a rule is not your thing since you like to take a bright and optimistic approach, thank you.  Beauty wise, those attempting to hold you down or tie your hands would do well by letting you come and go when you darn well please.

Beauty Number 6

If you were born on the 6ty h, 15th or 24th of any month then the number is your beauty 6.

Your beauty number lies in the very word, beauty itself.  “Beauty, Beauty and more Beauty”!  In just about every sense you can imagine!  That’s because Venus, the planet of love, beauty, balance and relationships. . . which rules your number 6 speaks for itself. Actually, no one can be more magnetic in their attractiveness and sensual in their nature and approach than you.  Your ability to host the best parties; to continually grace others with your presence is really a sight to behold. Your beauty number also suggest you like the very best that life has to offer whether it’s food, money, clothes, cars, homes, art or music, etc.  A part of your beauty lies in the way you approach others.  You simply have a way of making others feel loved and at ease when coming into their space.  This is why you’re easily embraced when it comes to asking or seeking favors especially from those in position of influence and high places.  Again, because of your magnetic qualities, attracting the opposite sex to you, if you notice is generally the least of your worries.   Esthetically however, you usually wind up chosen that individual or individuals who in the end has a degree of class and sophistication.  Those tacky and tasteless generally won’t hold on to you for long.

Beauty Number 7

If you were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month then the number 7 is your beauty number

Your beauty numbers lies in your ability to approach others with an air of mystery and mystique.  It’s as if you like to keep them guessing of what you may say next, or likely to do later.  By nature, your beauty comes through as a result of observations and analysis, which others may not understand initially.  Upon first being approach yourself you may appear to them as shy, cautious and to a degree withdrawn.  However, don’t be fooled in the least.  You’re smart, engaging, knowledgeable and quite aware of the things going on around you.  That’s because you beauty nature is to pay close attention to those “little things” that often go unnoticed by others. For whatever reason, number 7 women are often incorrectly misinterpreted as being “snooty” or “stuck-up” upon first meeting by other women.  Actually, your beauty approach that adds to your natural appeal is to be discreet, discrimination and demure.  Fiercely independent my nature your beauty number is the kind that likes to think for itself which why you don’t need to consult others before making decisions.

Beauty Number 8

If you were born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month then the number 8 is your beauty number

Your beauty number 8 lies in your dependable, stable and steadfast nature.  But even more importantly, your beauty number represents loyalty, commitment to relationships and dedication to a person or cause when your mind is made up despite the opposition.  So in the end those wishing for a solid and permanent kind of relationship are likely to find you as their best choice.  In the beginning your influence on others doesn’t appear to be strong; actually somewhat indifferent.   Even emotionally distant!  In reality that’s not true at all.  Once your radiance comes thru they’ll soon the warmness and sincerity that is so naturally you.  “To know me is to love me may be your motto at times.  Yes, you love, you feel, but rarely do you get carried away.  In short your beauty influence says you like to keep it real!   But when you love and in the end give of yourself completely it usually stands the test of time.

Beauty Number 9

If you were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th of any month then the number 9 is your beauty number

Your beauty lies in your natural swagger!  The way you carry yourself! An air about the way you walk.  It brings attention to you almost immediately.  That’s because your beauty number exudes courage, confidence and charisma.  A person that seem to know where they’re going. . .and determined to get there. One of the main aspects of your beauty ability is to show universal love wherever you go.  Your love is basically selfless by nature and sincere from the heart.  And with a magnetic personality it explains why you attract those from all walks of life. . . .be they, young, old or in between.  Your element, ruled by fire easily gives clarity to your drive, your energy, stamina and your determination to go after what you want.  Especially if it’s something or someone you really want it!  It seems to be no stopping you then.

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