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Lloyd Strayhorn’s 2013 Forecast

If you do not know Lloyd Strayhorn you should. He is a a world renown astro numerologist; and he will be featured later this year on UBC-TV.  Lloyd combines numbers with astrology in addition to having an uncanny sense of intuition. He predicted that President Obama would win a second term hands down many months before the election!  He even predicted the swing states he would win. The man is that good.  You can reach him via the info at the end of the blog post but check out his 2013 forecast and if you want something personal, it is worth it.

Lloyd Strayhorn’s

2013 Zodiac Predictions


Theme:  The cycle you’re passing through the big “’13” this year is likely to evolve around home, family, friends. And to some extent, the community!  This is especially so if you happen to be born under 6th, the 15th or the 24th, under this zodiac sign.  Areas you been wishing to advance in the romance and finance department is undeniably here.  In keeping with the year you’ll notice a need to upgrade your personal appearance.  If it means getting involved in a weight loss or exercise program, that’s about right. Approach 2013 with the right attitude and the right spirit!  It will prove advantageous. A major purchase of some kind may be underway as well as if you didn’t know that already.


Theme: Jupiter, the planet of Luck, fame and fortune transits your sign for 2013.  Blessings and abundance are part of the goodies nicely wrapped.  To accent the positive, 2013, adds to the single digit of 6, ruler of Venus; ruler of your zodiac sign!   So no excuses for not getting over these 365 days!  It’s about working on all aspects of you here and there.  It’s about sprucing up your appearance, creating a more youthful aura and appeal.  Become that better person taking a course, or seminar that adds to your value.  And the good thing is, excess of any kind has the best chance of being brought under control.  You have lots to look forward to this year especially true if you are born on the 3rd, 12h, 21st and 30th under this sign.


Theme:  This year is about getting a better handle of things.  Slowly, but surely!  Events this year may be somewhat up in the air that you can’t quite put a finger on.  The year may appear to be rather slow moving, but you will move ahead.  The key however is to exercise patience and deliberation, rather than ripping and running.  Expect subtle changes in areas of the home, relationships – from personal to business – in addition to rearrangements of some kind at the work place.  The key is not to force, but rather to gather the facts and observe the results.  So although you may appear to be the last one out the stall this year, you’ll see before it’s all over that you’re ahead more than you know. This is particularly so if you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th under this sign.



Theme:  Sensitive and serious as ever, you’re about to reach a high point this 2013.  A year you haven’t seen in awhile!  Nothing short of achievements and accomplishments are in your stars.  It’s simply a matter of how high you reach.  Healthy improvements in the areas of romance and finance are very encouraging.  At the same time, you’ll be passing through a property cycle!  It should come as no surprise that a change or move takes place around your home.  Past matters and old friends are also likely to crop up this year as well!  As a result a lot of growing up of who and what is really important.  This is more pronounce if you happen to be born on the 8th, 17th or 26th under this sign.


Theme:  This year offers you a period for soul-searching and personal reflection.  Unlike the year before, where you had an opportunity to shine and stand out in the home and community. This time you’ll find yourself going through a personal Odyssey as to where your life is going.  And why!  This will be especially true if you’re born on the seventh, the 16th, or the 25th under this sign.  The key is not to chase after what you want.  Instead, simply think about it or meditate on the subject in mind.  You heard phrase “be careful what you asked for”.  In your special case “it’s what you think about” the most, that’ll eventually be drawn to you. So be careful because in every sense the word thoughts are things in your special case for 2013.  This applies even more so to those under this sign born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of the month.


Theme: This year is in keeping with your natural way of living and eating. It’ll be a time where being patient, sweet and irresistible is the best way to go.  So if your notice a change in diet and way of living and lifestyle it should come as no surprise at all. This is especially true if you happen to be born on the 2nd, 1120 to 29 under this sign.  Kindness and consideration on your part goes a long way this year so don’t be pushy.  Let things unfold organically and you’ll get what you want. This is especially true if you’re born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th under this sign.


Theme:  2013 is about having as much fun as you can this year.   Yet it’s equally auspicious to ratchet up your career.   In a sense it’s like having the best of both worlds.  It’s like you can’t help but prosper this year.   Only the right attitude and approach will determine the outcome.  Look to advance at most of the things you go after and not let anything stand in your way.  When told, “you can’t do it and you can’t do that”, the more determined you to succeed.  Its’ part of the secret to your success for the “’13” ’!  You’re in a position to enhance other aspects of your life that’s overdue for a make-over.  With it comes a major change in your life along with promising career and social prospects.  You are going to be quite busy this year and that’s how you like it anyway.  This is especially so if you’re born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th under this sign.



Theme:  If you want to balance the books in your life for 2013 your wish has arrived.  Sometimes, too much of a good thing is just as bad as none.   It’s important you find your center this year.  This balance is likely to be spread evenly between home, family, education, health as well as meeting goals regarding your personal appearance.  At the same time, there will appear to be forces pulling at you around responsibilities and obligations.  Don’t shy away from them, for the law of lesson and compensation will be your reward.  This is especially so if you’re born on the 6th, 15th or 24th under this sign.  There are forces at work regarding a career move or property before it’s all over.



Theme:  The year, 2013 is made for you, especially if you happened to be born of the 9th, 18th or the 27th of the month under this sign.  This is your year to complete your dreams. . .and then some!  There are no limits or restraints to hold you back, and if it is, that’s because you allow it.  The year is about cutting losses, be it a relationship, excessive spending or anything you’ve outgrown since last year.  It’s not about short changing yourself at all or for anyone.  Those with selfish motives in mind this year may not think of you as nice, as you cut them loose, one by one. However, what matters is that this year’s theme is about taking better care of you. Without question, you have lots to look forward too. But it’s up to you particularly if you’re born on the 9th, 18th or 27th under this sign!


Theme:  At least you get a chance to breathe this year as compared with the one before.  At no other time now you can sense a change is in the air.  It’s like a life-changing experience allowing you a chance to turn things around completely.  You’ll have a chance to travel more and along the way notice the opposite sex suddenly hot on your case.  However, the trick is not to commit yourself too soon!  It’s about having the flexibility to move whichever direction the winds of change and opportunity are blowing..


Theme:   This year if nothing else denotes a fresh start.  It’s about being proactive in the ‘13 and going after what you want.  The objective is to take the lead and stay there.  Dealing with matters head-on this year brings a new found level of respect.  This attitude of mind is even more pronounced if you’re born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th under this sign.  The cycle you’re in says you can’t afford to wait around either.  If you fail to take advantage of the energy around you it may be awhile before it comes this way again!  Since this is the Age of Aquarius, and you’re transiting a cycle of things bring new; expect nothing less.


Theme:  2013 in essence is about making your fondest hopes, dreams and desires crystallize into tangible and touchable things.  Especially if you’ve been faithfully wishful and positive!  Now you’ll get a chance to turn dreams into reality.  It’s a no joke year!  If you’re serious, what you’ve been longing for is at last coming your way.  At the same time, you’ll find yourself going through a process of elimination or weeding out of persons, places and things that has not been in your best interest now or in the past.  Some feelings may be hurt in the process but it’s not your intention.  It’s that in some respect it’s about letting go and let God.  This is even more the case if you’re born on the 9th, 18th or 27th under this sign.


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