Why I Vote And So Should You!





I am voting on November 8th and so should  you.  You have to be involved in the process in order to make change.  This has been a very intense, violent and angry election. I am so shocked but part of me is not shocked. It’s a tale of two reactions.  I am shocked that so much hate still exists in this country; another part of me is not so shocked.  Maybe it’s just I hoped that humans would have evolved a bit more than what I am seeing.  This country definitely has many issues of race, sexuality, the glass ceiling and other things. We are a democratic country with a slave mentality.  It’s very bipolar.

There has to be a great healing in order to move forward. I feel it begins with communication and admission of the horrors that have been done.  It takes people embracing culture of others, building bridges instead of walls; giving everyone the opportunity to grow, expand and take advantage of opportunities to be the best they can be. Not just a select few or the very wealthy.  It also means taking a look at real history; not the select history that is chosen to be in the history books. There is a Living History in every one of us waiting to be told. There are many people of many races and cultures that helped this country to become what it is but few are even acknowledged.

The voting rights act has been amended and changed to look like something of a nightmare. Why do we have to continue to vote on extensions? It is unfair and totally biased for this to have to continue to be voted on.

Nevertheless, our ancestors died to give us the opportunity to cast our vote on how and who runs the country and its officials on all levels from City, State and Federal. We must remember that if we want to change how the police or any official treats us, we need to vote on all levels including Midterm Elections not just National Elections. Judges, Commissioners, District Attorneys all have to be elected. If we want to make changes we need to be aware of who is running and their backgrounds; do your research.  We have to stop pointing fingers and do the work that has to be done in order to make this world a better place.   We must practice what we say on Sunday in church or in our mediation or whatever your spiritual choices are. It begin with Love. Simple but not so it seems.

I know that this election is very important and I am in it to win it. To do my part in making choice and not just complaining about what is wrong.  I hope you are too. No matter who you vote for at least get out there and cast it. I am praying that the world can come together and stop this racism, hate, separation and dysfunction that I have seen grow over the past few years. This year I have seen it intensify.   I feel there are good people in this country who believe in coming together and not apart. I feel confident that we are a strong people and will get through this stressful time and get on a better track. The people who hate are full of fear and insecurity. They believe that hate rules and fear is the tool to use to get the results they want and need.  I believe in love and I believe that we shall overcome this time and move into a new era. On that note I am voting and you should too. Lets come together and make this world a better place for all.


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