New York City Television And Video Week Will Feature Virtual Reality Day!



New York TV Week

The complexity of the television industry is not one for the faint of heart. Today you have numerous companies that have become distributors and with streaming becoming the choice of viewers, the old way is ending and a new era is beginning. This could not be a better time for the New York City Television and Video Week to come into the market to help us make sense of all this convergence.

The show will kick off Monday October 17 with a new entry added called Virtual Reality 20/20 day. It will feature the top minds and leading companies that are entering into the space of VR and Augmented Reality.

The B&C Hall Of Fame Event will be held and the Waldrof  Astoria and will feature the top names in the business.

During the week will be the NEXT/TV Summit, Advanced Advertising and ending with the HISPANIC TELEVISION SUMMIT one of my favorite events. I remember attending the very first one of these and it has expanded and grown as the industry has.

If you are a serious professional in the industry you will need to be here.  For more information go to

Speak to you later because I will be there!!

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