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One of my favorite things I look forward to in March is New York International Auto Show. This year is no exception.  The auto industry is one of the major bright spots in the U.S. Economy and is an industry that helps determine consumer spending and how healthy the economy is. I can say that people are buying cars and will continue to purchase mainly because cars have now become a ‘Lifestyle’. Technology has had a lot to do with that.  Cars are not only for getting from one place to another; they are for LIVING and enjoyment. Technology has enabled the most modest car buyer to experience the hottest technology including WIFI hot spots and many other luxuries that had been only available to the high end car buyer. You can actually live in your car now.  The Self Driving cars are on the move and will be ready soon.

The SUV is alive and kicking. Major luxury lines are coming out with their own SUV this year and next year. Bentley is one of those brands. Rolls Royce is working on one, Volvo has a awesome SUV and Maserati has an SUV!!!  Times have changed and are changing in the auto world.  Auto’s and Technology are coming together to take us all to the next level of experience.

The NY International Auto Show does not disappoint, get out there! It’s on until April 3rd. And do not forget the DUB show. It’s hot and they added Motorcycles last year. Its a day of fun, education and dreaming and testing that new car you have been wanting to check out! I have done my own research and have a few options for my next new babies. This time I will have to get 2 cars and a truck.!! LOL!  The trucks are downstairs and they have some beauties. Be sure not to miss them!

For tickets and more about the NY International Auto show , go to

WATCH OUT FOR UBC-TV ‘s New show on cars and lifestyle this summer!

Peggy D


New York International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show

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