Architectural Digest Show comes to New York, Armory Show Focus on Africa

Hello All,

2016 has been a year of great change. We are in the midst of significant changes in business, technology, finance and life as we know it. So get ready for it. More on that at a later time.  I wanted to discuss the Armory Show this year. I was very pleased that the focus was on African Art this year. Africa is re-emerging as a major force in the art world. Mother Africa is where is all began and here we are here and now right back at the beginning.

So a big shout out to the Armory organizers. I wanted to also give a shout out to the New York City Galleries. They really brought their best this year and New York has become the center of visual art among other industries.

Check out the Armory site by going to

If you are into interior design, love luxury and the designs shows, you need to get to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show.  There will be over 400 Brands from lighting, kitchens, furniture and more!! The show is 4 days from March 17 to 20 at Pier 92 and 94 in New York. For tickets go to

Architectural Digest Home Show!

Architectural Digest Home Show!

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