Wall Street Project Economic Summit 2015! Diversity of Wall Street and Silicon Valley

As the landscape of the country changes, so does the way that America does business. There is a shifting of the winds that I am very excited about. Companies now have to take account in making real moves towards diversity in reference to people of color, women and other groups who have long been denied entry into the elite board rooms of the major corporations and venture capital groups.

This is not some program we are speaking of where corporations must abide by and are forced hire people of color; no we are talking about the Browning of America and the rise of people of color as the majority race. We are talking about Economic Equality. This is the next Civil Rights area that exists and I must say that Rev Jesse Jackson is right on target with this years Wall Street Project Economic Summit.

Rev. Jackson and his team of experts are well on their way to creating a great plan that will help People of Color to gain entry into the Silicon Valley. Companies like Google, Facebook and others who have NO people of color on their boards and hardly any employed in their companies are now seeing that they have to diversity to stay with the times and to stay profitable.   African Americans have been a major factor in making these companies multi-billion dollar companies as consumers.  We push and consume technology and trends which translates to dollars.

CEO of Intel Brian M. Krzanich

Mr. Kim of the Wall Bank and Rev Jackson

Dr. Kim of the World Bank, Rev Jackson, Hon. Charles Rangel and Rev Calvin Butts

The real Rick Ross and Investment Banker! Times are changing

The real Rick Ross and Investment Banker! Times are changing

has taken the first step by pledging $300 Million Dollars in diversity funding that will work with the Historical Black Colleges and Universities in getting more People of Color into their company. It is a major step in the right direction.

The other areas of change are venture capital. Rev Jackson and Rainbow Push are working to  assist in the diversification of the boardrooms of  venture capital firms and wall street which will in turn push the flow of capital into ventures and companies owned by People Of Color and women.

The Hip Hop business round table was a tremendous success and so was the Focus on Africa. I must say that this was the most exciting and important conference I have attended in a long time.

Black Enterprise came in with a bang and hosted a wonderful awards luncheon that handed out 40 awards to corporations that have made some great strides in diversity within their companies. Butch Lewis hosted the awards and made us even more proud of Black Enterprise and the wonderful work they have done over the years keeping Black Business out in the fore front.

The new era of Civil Rights is definitely economic empowerment for ALL people; not just some people. I know that Dr. King would approve of all of the great work Rev Jackson has done and is doing. Rev Jackson is continuing the legacy that Dr. King started and what is good about it is that he is bringing all of us along! There is strength in numbers and we are now beginning to make a change and LIVE THE DREAM!!

Join Rainbow Push today!! go to http://www.rainbowpush.org   Get on board for economic empowerment and diversity!

Peggy D

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