AD Week Hits New York!

One of the most exciting and important weeks in the media industry is coming up! Ad Week begins Monday September 23rd and runs until September 27th.  It is the week where advertisers, technology, media, television, corporations, brands, brand makers and cutting edge creative, marketing and of course the advertising world; gathers together and decide where all of this content is going and how much do we pay for it.

It is definitely the wild west  in the media world. There are so many platforms now as the consumer has many choices to view and engage content on. Lets throw in mobile! Its gets more and more interesting. The big question is how do we monetize all of these platforms? There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel but we still have a ways to go.

Monday opens up with, ‘How Mobile Is Turning Marketing on Its Head’.  Then you have ‘Beyond Mobile, The Media Platforms of the Future.’ One of the high lights will be the Tech Showcase. I loved this last year. Ad Week began to bring in technology. This is the most exciting move as it brings things front and center.

Ad Week is a must for professionals in almost any industry. If you are serious about being ahead of the curve, then Ad Week is a must.  For more info go to   to register. I will be back with more updates during the week. You can check out my adventures at Ad Week by following me on Twitter @PeggyDodson or my blog.

Peggy D

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