UBC-TV and ABA Basketball’s First Broadcast!

Here we go!! Our first broadcast of the ABA Basketball games are beginning this Saturday. Its UBC-TV first move into the broadcast world. We will be LIVE STREAMING the broadcast on Saturday and it will be delivered  through the channels listed in the release below on a delayed time schedule. Check in to see the time and dates for the broadcast. More channels will be added as we roll out the network and the ABA Brand!!

UBC-TV Network launches with first national  broadcast of ABA Basketball

(December 3, 2012 – New York) – The Urban Broadcasting Network (UBC-TV) will officially launch on Saturday night, December 8, 2012. UBC-TV Network is a new urban lifestyle cable network that has national cable and satellite deals in place that enables its programming to be seen in over 50 million households.  UBC-TV Network will produce original content that will be distributed over multiple platforms which will include cable, VOD, online, set-top boxes, mobile, wireless-devices, social media and other platforms.

The first program broadcast by UBC-TV will be a broadcast of the American Basketball Association game featuring league power The Jersey Express vs. The Connecticut Topballerz on December 8th at 8PM live from Centenary College Reeves Gymnasium, 715 Grand Avenue, Hackettstown, NJ. The broadcast will launch the network and is the first of a minimum ten game schedule of ABA games to be broadcast on the network, making history as it marks the first time the famed ABA will have its games broadcast live on national television.

In keeping with the spirit of the fabled ABA that gave the world the 3 point shot, the shot clock, the red, white & blue basketball and basketball legends like Moses Malone, George “The Iceman” Gervin and Julius “Dr. J” Erving the UBC ABA game broadcasts will feature halftime concerts, celebrities in a special interview lounge and more. The slogan of the ABA is “more than just a game” and the broadcasts of the ABA on UBC-TV will be more than a regular basketball game telecast. Saturday’s broadcast will feature a performance of the National Anthem by former NBA guard Kareem Rush, halftime performances from up and coming artist Anthem and The UBC MIX Dancers plus appearances from Boxing great “Sugar” Shane Mosley, NASCAR’s only black female driver Tia Northfleet and more.

“The ABA televised games will establish a new paradigm in professional sports television with the true fusion of musical entertainment with sports,” stated UBC-TV CEO Peggy Dodson. ,” Joe Newman, ABA CEO, added  “UBC-TV  has put together a programming format that should have huge appeal combining entertainment, news and sports with an “out of the box” approach that will make it a very popular network with a diverse audience of people of all ages.  We are very pleased to be a part of it and will make watching ABA games a very enjoyable experience.”


The excitement kicks off with the first broadcast this Saturday December 8th at 8PM. The UBC-TV broadcast of The ABA and its subsequent programming will be available nationally on Direct TV channel 63 or 895, DISH Network channel 63 or 8115  and throughout  the Northeast on Time Warner Cable channel 63, Verizon FIOS channel 18, RCN channel 19, Cablevision channel 20  & NuVisions channel 78 in a delayed broadcast schedule. Check your local listings for the channel and times of broadcast in your area or call your cable carrier and ask for UBC-TV Network and ABA Basketball. You can also watch the LIVE Stream of all the ABA Basketball games Online through www.ubctvnetwork.com.   You can keep up with all the UBC-TV and ABA happenings by going to www.facebook.com/UBCTVNETWORKS and follow UBC-TV on Twitter @UBCTVNETWORKS




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