UBC-TV Network Signs Historic Sports Broadcast Deal with American Basketball Association!!

Well I have to tell  you I have been very busy these days!  I am in the midst of pre-launching my new cable network and boy it is a lot of work. I can also tell you that I am committed to doing things differently than other cable networks. I am committed to bringing exciting, cutting edge programming that is relevant to us! I will do this one hour at a time. But lets get to the juicy stuff.  UBC-TV has signed a initial deal with the American Basketball Association to televise nationally ten games, the play-offs and the championship game!!!  Whoopee!!  I am so excited to be able to let the public know this. We have some very exciting things that will be coming from UBC and ABA!  To take it up a level, we are going to have half-time entertainment!!  We will feature new and up and upcoming performing artist that will make the whole thing really funky. If you didnt know, the ABA and the NBA were around together until 1979. There are 4 teams now that are from the ABA in the NBA. A couple are the San Antonio Spurs, The New Jersey Nets and the Indiana Pacers. So it has a great history with it and this is the first time since its resurgence that they will have a national television contract. So its a good thing for the ABA and a good thing for UBC-TV.

I will  have more info about the ABA games as we move forward and some other big announcements in store as we move to our soft launch.

I am putting the press release up that is going out to media outlets. Also we now have a new Facebook page so you can go and check out current happening with UBC-TV. Please go and ‘Like Us’. Its UBCTV Networks.





“Games to Feature Half-Time Entertainment”

New York, NY.  Urban Broadcasting Company (UBC-TV) www.ubctvnetwork.com today announced that it has signed an initial deal to televise a minimum of ten (10) American Basketball Association (ABA) www.abalive.com games starting in November as well as the ABA Championship Series and ABA All-Star Game.

UBC-TV Network is a new urban lifestyle cable network that has national cable and satellite deals in place that will put its programming in over 50 million households.  UBC-TV Network will produce original content that will be distributed over multiple platforms which will include cable, VOD, online, set-top boxes, mobile, wireless-devices, social media and other platforms.  UBC-TV is projected to launch late summer 2012.

The ABA is the largest professional sports league in the US with nearly 90 teams set to play next season which begins in mid-November.  The ABA is also the most diversified professional sports league ever with nearly 75% of its teams owned by African-Americans, Hispanics.  Playing with the red, white and blue ball introduced in the original ABA that featured, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, George Gervin, Spencer Haywood, Moses Malone and other legends, teams are made of up former NBA players, NCAA Division 1 & 2 players and international players and provide exciting professional basketball at affordable prices.

“The ABA televised games will establish a new paradigm in professional sports television with the true fusion of musical entertainment with sports,” stated UBC-TV CEO Peggy Dodson.  “ABA games are the most exciting basketball games on TV with their unique rules and full court play – a combination of the best of the NBA, NCAA, international basketball, plus ABA ball all wrapped up in one package.  And when you add the musical entertainment that we’ll be featuring, it will be like watching an exciting Broadway show.  There’ll be nothing like it anywhere.  We are very excited to be partnering with the ABA.”

“When you turn on your TV, you certainly have a lot of options from which to choose for entertainment, news and sports,” added Joe Newman, ABA CEO.  “UBC-TV recognizes the competition and has put together a programming format that should have huge appeal combining entertainment, news and sports with an “out of the box” approach that will make it a very popular network with a diverse audience of people of all ages.  We are very pleased to be a part of it and will make watching ABA games a very enjoyable experience.”

The featured games will honor and raise funds for major not-for-profit organizations like Breast Cancer Awareness, Wounded Warriors, Diabetes, Kidney Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs, Warrior Stay Program (VSSN) and others.  “We will make a difference,” added Dodson.  “This is integral to our mission of being a powerful voice in the communications industry.”

For more information contact Peggy Dodson at info@ubctvnetwork.com or call 212-479-7837 or Joe Newman at conniejoenewman@aol.com or call 317 844 7502.  Websites are www.ubctvnetwork.com and www.abalive.com

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    PEGGY IS THE BEST !!! She deserves all the success and prosperity in all her endeavours. BLUE MAGIC will continue to love and support Peggy. Her hard work and tenacity is unmatched and inspirational to us all. Keep in touch and we will work together. Sgt. Gary.

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