Queen Of Disco Donna Summer, Rest In Peace

Apollo Theater Mourns Legend Donna Summer

Donna Summer is gone; I cannot get with it. She was in her prime. My heart goes out to her family. The world will not be the same with her gone. When I think of Donna, I get a smile on my face, I start tapping my foot and moving to a pounding beat that has me in a groove. I love Donna Summer. Her and Georgio  Moroder were quite a match. They brought disco into the main stream which eventually lead to the likes of ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Thank God It’s Friday’. It was the Disco explosion!!  People danced, dressed and did all sorts of wild things. It was a time of expression and freedom and I just loved it.  Yes, Ms Summer and her team shook the world up which started not only a dance revolution but also a fashion one.   On top of it all, Donna could sing! What a voice, filled with passion and a what a vocal range she had.  She and Barbra Streisand made Enough is Enough and it’s no small potatoes to sing with Ms Streisand, the legend!!  That was so awesome. The hits just go on and on. I remember when I was in disco fever land; and I love to dance; I would always go to this particular club every Saturday night and I always had a special outrageous  outfit for the night. On Saturday nights everybody went there to party. When ‘I Feel Love’ would come on, I would dance with this one guy. No matter what we were doing, when that song came on we would find one another on the dance floor!  And guess what? I never knew the guys name! Never hung out with him or anything before or after.  It was the strangest thing, we just connected on the dance floor on that song and another Georgio Moroder song that would play. We used to tear it up!! People would watch us dance. After the song was over, we would part and I would go off somewhere else and I would never see him for the rest of the night.  We shared those special moments only on those songs.  Now is that strange?  I didn’t think so at the time but of course I did some pretty wild things at that time that I can not discuss in this blog! Hope he wasn’t a vampire!!  Yikes!  He just disappeared after those songs. Oh, well!!   But it was good stuff, not negative. People back then did not carry guns, had fights and such. Disco was just fun, happy, free, sexy music.  It evolved into Dance music which is now on the rise again!  Then there is House Music which is my favorite. Its music of the soul if you know what I mean and I know a lot of you do. I still listen to Donna Summer’s music and just love it.  I always listen to good music no matter how new it is or old. Donna Summer and other artists like her represented a special time in America and a special time in our lives that I think we need more of. People need to let go and have a good time sometimes. Donna Summer helped us to have a good time and forget our troubles. So Donna girl, thank you for all of your music, your passion and  love you gave unselfishly.  May you rest in peace. GOD has another great voice in the choir of heaven!!  What a choir that is!

Donna Summer’s ‘I FEEL LOVE’

Peggy D

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