South By Southwest and The Armory Show!

One of the hottest events happening right now in the creative world is SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST!  It’s the annual show featuring independent film, original music and emerging technologies. Its held in Austin, Texas; one of my favorite cities and one of most creative places in America.  Some of my associates from the Digital Hollywood show stated they were off to South By Southwest right after the show.  The show is a magnet for creativity and some of the most innovative new shows, film, music and artist have come from this very conference.

The interactive conference is March 9th to 13th, the independent film conference is March 9th to 17th and the music is from the 13th to the 18th.  Please go if you can. I am so bummed out that I cannot attend this year but I am in the midst of launching my new cable channel and preparing for my big announcement! Next year I am there but you can still attend. You can go to the website and still check out the exhibitors, connect with them and still do business from a distance!  For more info go to

For all of us here in New York City, there is a wonderful gallery and art show taking place at 12 Avenue and Pier 92 and 94. It’s called THE ARMORY SHOW.  It is one of the most important annual arts show and event in New York City. The show is filled with international and national galleries, museums featuring contemporary art and some very cutting edge art also.  It is well worth, lots of fun.  I am a big lover of art and cannot wait to get there.  Two more days still left. Today from 12 noon to 8pm and Sunday 12 noon to 7pm. For more info go to

Peggy D

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