Lloyd Strayhorn and Your Beauty Number

Happy New Year everyone!!  Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success wishes to everyone in this new year.  I am looking forward to what is to come and am for the first time in a long while excited about the new year.  This will be a very interesting one with an election and the direction of America and the world is at stake. I hope you all really take it seriously, get and vote when the time comes!!  Of course, the Mayan Calendar says the end of the world is coming!  I think the people who are interpreting that has it wrong. It is in fact the end of a long cycle, thousands of years and hundreds of years all ending at the same time. This will be a new beginning so in that sense, it is the end, now what will all of those cycles ending bring for us? That is to be decided by The Most High. We definitely will see, it could mean earthquakes or more of what we are seeing now,  people all over the world  finally awakening to the fact that they do have the power to make change and are rebelling!!  This is the age of Aquarius!! Big changes ahead for all of us!!  So seize the time you have and make your life the best ever!! Take your life, your career, your business to the next level. Help those in need and keep smiling!!  It really helps to make things better!

With that being said, my dear friend Lloyd Strayhorn has another chapter to share with you. This is about your beauty numbers. Guys you can read this too!  Lloyd will be back with more 2012 predictions so stay tuned!!

If you want to reach Lloyd Strayhorn directly for your personal charts, you can give him a call at 800-541-4401 or go to his website for more info at http://www.numbersandmedia.com

What’s Your Beauty Number

By LLoyd Strayhorn

Beauty Number 1

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month then your beauty number is the number 1

Your beauty as a number 1 person lies in your ability. . .believe it or not, to be direct and honest with those you deal with.  And it might be said sometimes, too direct.  At times this may be mistaken for being cold and insensitive when it comes to their feelings!  Other times it may be the mistaken impression that you’re frosty or indifferent.  But it isn’t that.   It’s only because your respond naturally to will and logic, rather than feelings and emotions.  Your beauty expression is simply to call it the way you see it!  So when it comes to giving an honest answer, you seem to be the one.  But then in short order, you find yourself putting your arms around them, still showing love and support.  Another side to your beauty number is the way you carry yourself.  You like to hold your head high. You take pride in your leadership ability and your original way of doings things. . .which you use to your best advantage.  When it comes to expressing your sexual beauty, you pride yourself on endurance and stamina in this area of your life

Beauty Number 2

If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month then your beauty number is the number 2

Your beauty, lie in an ability to charm your way with those around you!  When you’re at your absolute best and when you really, really want something. .you are simply irresistible! And very persuasive I might add when it comes to getting it!  But no one. . .perhaps other than a number 6 person does it better than you.  Your receptivity to others is what draws them into your beauty aura.  You are comforting, nurturing and supportive if given the chance.  And from this perspective you’re all that a personal can want in a relationship.  Appearing shy at times, appearing somewhat defenseless (all depending upon the situation of course because we know you’re really stronger than that) how can others not be drawn to you.  Your beauty number, also suggest you’re affectionate, attentive and that it’s the little things that goes a long way in your book as far as you’re concerned.  Actually, when it comes to relationships, especially of the emotionally kind, no one can have a better mate than you.  Part of your beauty is feel and sense things about people and places which you can use to advantage to keep away the drama and stress.

Beauty Number 3

If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month then the number 3 is your beauty number

Your beauty, lie in the ability to bring out the best in others with a smile.  Like the rays of the sun.  You personify fun and optimism.  You personify an ability to express yourself creatively and artistically.  Always bringing a beam of light to the face of others upon meeting or by simply being in your presence!  Just your friendly personality alone is charming in itself.  It’s magnetic, contagious and stimulating which is why others want to get with you right away. To know you better!  In short, you’ve very people friendly.  Part of your beauty influence at times may seem flirtatious from others viewpoint.  But you just have a way of quickly getting the attention of others with a glance. . .and a smile of course.  So be a little careful and conscious as not to make the wrong impression when you simply, as far as you’re concerneOf d, just having fun and enjoying yourself.  Anyone with sense would love having you as their mate since you as a rule bring out the best of them.  Especially if they have potential or something to offer!  And if they do, you’ll be behind them all the way.

Beauty Number 4

If you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month then the number 4 is your beauty number

Your beauty, lie in your unique ability to think outside the box.  The ability to do and express yourself in ways that’s usually different or unusual to say the least!  It’s in this way that others are often drawn to take a second look. That’s because they didn’t quite get it the first time around.   Actually what your beauty motto should be is “to know me is to love me”.  Through no fault of your own, it normally takes your beauty number time to warm up with others. . .and they to you. Once comfortable in your own skin and surroundings, family members, friends as well as co-workers will find it much easier to work and associate with you.  Bringing out the best in your beauty number, believe it or not, also largely depends on your state of mind.  It’s about the way you think about yourself. . .as well as the way you think or feel others may persevere you.  So having a positive, can-do attitude of mind will usually off-set any negative energy you’re likely to run into.

Beauty Number 5

If you were born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month then your beauty number is the number 5

Your beauty lies in the ability number 5 to seemingly bring out the sex attraction in others.  And that can be a good thing.  It least that’s what draws them initially to you!  But another side of your beauty number also says you have the smarts as well to match your sexuality.  But it seems to be the sex appeal of your beauty numbers that really draws the attention. Yours beauty number suggest you’re bright, engaging and very people oriented.  Generally quick to make decisions, especially when under stress is one of your strong points.  Yet your beauty number warns against any over-indulgence that excites the nerves and senses like drinking, sex or drug use.  Another part of your beauty makeup is not to hold on to a grudge or hurt for long.  That’s because mentally and emotionally you live in the moment!  Pity Parties as a rule is not your thing since you like to take a bright and optimistic approach, thank you.  Beauty wise, those attempting to hold you down or tie your hands would do well by letting you come and go when you darn well please.

Beauty Number 6

If you were born on the 6ty h, 15th or 24th of any month then the number is your beauty 6.

Your beauty number lies in the very word, beauty itself.  “Beauty, Beauty and more Beauty”!  In just about every sense you can imagine!  That’s because Venus, the planet of love, beauty, balance and relationships. . . which rules your number 6 speaks for itself. Actually, no one can be more magnetic in their attractiveness and sensual in their nature and approach than you.  Your ability to host the best parties; to continually grace others with your presence is really a sight to behold. Your beauty number also suggest you like the very best that life has to offer whether it’s food, money, clothes, cars, homes, art or music, etc.  A part of your beauty lies in the way you approach others.  You simply have a way of making others feel loved and at ease when coming into their space.  This is why you’re easily embraced when it comes to asking or seeking favors especially from those in position of influence and high places.  Again, because of your magnetic qualities, attracting the opposite sex to you, if you notice is generally the least of your worries.   Esthetically however, you usually wind up chosen that individual or individuals who in the end has a degree of class and sophistication.  Those tacky and tasteless generally won’t hold on to you for long.

Beauty Number 7

If you were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month then the number 7 is your beauty number

Your beauty numbers lies in your ability to approach others with an air of mystery and mystique.  It’s as if you like to keep them guessing of what you may say next, or likely to do later.  By nature, your beauty comes through as a result of observations and analysis, which others may not understand initially.  Upon first being approach yourself you may appear to them as shy, cautious and to a degree withdrawn.  However, don’t be fooled in the least.  You’re smart, engaging, knowledgeable and quite aware of the things going on around you.  That’s because you beauty nature is to pay close attention to those “little things” that often go unnoticed by others. For whatever reason, number 7 women are often incorrectly misinterpreted as being “snooty” or “stuck-up” upon first meeting by other women.  Actually, your beauty approach that adds to your natural appeal is to be discreet, discrimination and demure.  Fiercely independent my nature your beauty number is the kind that likes to think for itself which why you don’t need to consult others before making decisions.

Beauty Number 8

If you were born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month then the number 8 is your beauty number

Your beauty number 8 lies in your dependable, stable and steadfast nature.  But even more importantly, your beauty number represents loyalty, commitment to relationships and dedication to a person or cause when your mind is made up despite the opposition.  So in the end those wishing for a solid and permanent kind of relationship are likely to find you as their best choice.  In the beginning your influence on others doesn’t appear to be strong; actually somewhat indifferent.   Even emotionally distant!  In reality that’s not true at all.  Once your radiance comes thru they’ll soon the warmness and sincerity that is so naturally you.  “To know me is to love me may be your motto at times.  Yes, you love, you feel, but rarely do you get carried away.  In short your beauty influence says you like to keep it real!   But when you love and in the end give of yourself completely it usually stands the test of time.

Beauty Number 9

If you were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th of any month then the number 9 is your beauty number

Your beauty lies in your natural swagger!  The way you carry yourself! An air about the way you walk.  It brings attention to you almost immediately.  That’s because your beauty number exudes courage, confidence and charisma.  A person that seem to know where they’re going. . .and determined to get there. One of the main aspects of your beauty ability is to show universal love wherever you go.  Your love is basically selfless by nature and sincere from the heart.  And with a magnetic personality it explains why you attract those from all walks of life. . . .be they, young, old or in between.  Your element, ruled by fire easily gives clarity to your drive, your energy, stamina and your determination to go after what you want.  Especially if it’s something or someone you really want it!  It seems to be no stopping you then.

For a fuller in-depth reading of your beauty number look for the CD version of “What’s Your Beauty Number” coming out soon.

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