New York Community, Church and Business Empowerment Conference!!

The Black Church Means Business!!  That is what Reverend Dillon and his team is all about. It is so refreshing to hear and see what this giant of a man has done for so many years. Occupy has nothing on Reverend Dillon!  He has been doing this sort of thing for years as the Black community has been disenfranchised much longer than any other community.  Reverend Dennis Dillon was responsible for major banks opening up and creating  programs that help small minority-owned businesses attain financing and credit when there was none.  He did that by having a plan of action that made things happen.  This Tuesday, December 13th, from 8am to 8:30pm, Reverend Dillon and his Economic Literacy Coalition will sponsor the New York Community, Church and Business Empowerment Conference 2011. It will be held at the LaGuardia Marriott Hotel located at 102-05 Ditmas Blvd. in East Elmhurst, New York.

There will be seminars focused on family, creating opportunities for bank loans and micro-funding, job and business opportunities in the green economy and much more!  It’s a full day of learning, growing and taking action in order to make your lives, community, family, career and business better.  We must stop depending on others and begin to depend on ourselves once more!! So please get out and attend this important function. I know everyone is focused on the holidays and such but it is so important to go into the new year with a solid plan of action for attaining wealth, health and prosperity!!  I always do my goals and objectives for the new year and I am sure a lot of you do also but those goals and objectives on paper must have action in order for them to become reality! We must take this time and make our plans for the future so we will not be drifting out at sea with no where to go, this is not good!! Remember the key to manifesting start with a thought, then writing it down, then taking action to make it be!  Every major company from Facebook to IBM started in someone’s mind, so you can do it!! Lets make 2012 our BEST YEAR EVER!!  Start if off by focusing on what is important and getting to this event in Queens this week!

For more info and to register go to

Peggy D

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