New York XPO For Business and Social TV Summit

New York is fast becoming a leader in the social media and technology industry. There are some very cutting edge companies  and visionary individuals based here that are beginning to define the next level of what and where the industry will be going. That is a really good thing. New York is also trailblazing in the area of reaching out to help small businesses grow and expand. One of the hottest and most successful business expos will be happening tomorrow at Jacob Javits from 9 to 5pm. And you know what? IT IS FREE!!  It’s the New York XPO for business. I attended last year and wow, made so many contacts and got a lot of business. This is one expo where people come to learn from the experts, network for business sake. I remember coming onto the expo floor and was greeted by this sista who handed me her business card and introduced herself and said she wanted to do business with my company. That is what I call getting out there and doing your thang!!  So do miss this wonderful opportunity to get your business to the next level. To register go to and get there!!

The other mega event on the same day!!  Oh my GOD, I am going to be running around like crazy tomorrow, is the Social TV Summit.  Its being held at Capitale at 130 Bowery from 8am to 7:30pm. It’s all about social media and television. A lot of heavy hitters will be attending from Twitter, Facebook, Fox, CBS, NBC Universal, Turner Broadcasting and more. It’s all about multi-platforms the evolution of social television. We are now watching television and at the same time on our smart phone, ipads, laptops and other devices doing twitter, Facebook and other social sites.  Things are changing and it is time we get in on the ground floor of this exciting change. The summit may be sold out but you can see it online if you can’t get in. For more info go to

There is another BIG EVENT coming up this week Thursday and Friday so stay tuned as I will discuss it tomorrow!!!


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