Pivot Con and Social Week

Pivot Con is here tomorrow. It will run through Tuesday October 18th. Its being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square. Pivot Con brings together top brand managers and they discuss one thing: the social consumer. Social media has and is changing the landscape of how we do business. The old way of doing business is dying out and emerging is something that is more human. That’s seems so opposite due to the fact that we are talking about technology which is not human, but social media has given the individual a voice and a say in how corporate america will survive in the coming years. It’s ‘We The People’. The companies that get this will be successful.  Go to http://www.pivotcon.com for more info and to catch the sessions online.

This is also the start of Social Week. It’s presented by the Hayzlett Group.  Top tier social media professionals will convene to make meaningful connections and to discuss the future of social media.

I just want to say that so many times and for so many years, we as Black folks and Latin folks have not been invited to many of these events; some of us do not know about them. That is one of the reasons  I write about these events; so that we can know and once we have the info, act upon it. Get out there and be a part of the ‘New Economy’.  We have to seize this time and make the most of it. Social media and technology is an industry that we as People of Color can really take to the next level. Too many times we miss the boat and become only consumers of the products and services we see advertised.  IBM, Facebook and other companies started WITH A VISION. Some of them started in living rooms, garages and basements. The fact is, you have to start somewhere and work from there. Do not miss out on this time to create wealth and prosperity for yourself, your families and your communities.  I am not sleeping on this and am busting my ass to do the things that I must do in order to take my business and my life to the next level.  The social week website is http://www.socialweek.com  I will continue to provide resources that I come across because I am out here doing my thing. Hopefully, they will help you and inspire you to be the best you can be!!

Live your dreams, don’t just sleep with them!!

Peggy D

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