Blockbuster Conference Week!!

The fall conference schedule is in full swing!!  It seems like everyone is having something in October, just too many things going on in the Big Apple. These are some of my favorites for professionals in the media, cable and just plain business.   My first is in the arts, tomorrow kicks off the Harlem Arts Alliances’ ‘Harlem Arts Advocacy Week’.  They are honoring Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee and Danny Simmons Monday, October 3rd at 9am at Riverside Theatre in the Riverside Church in Harlem. For more info go to

The next things is Ad Week. This is advertising’s big show. Everyone will be there, lots of events, concerts, panels, networking and parties!  Major heavyweights will be in town for this one. I am especially pleased about the fact that they are now focusing more on African-American and Latin markets. We buy everything but have not had the presence in the business as we should have, so it looks like things are changing–FINALLY!!  So get to at least one or two of these events, its includes radio also. It kicks off Monday and runs until Friday this week and will be held mainly at the Times Center but also other locations.  For more info go to

The next in line is the Show Biz Expo that is happening Wednesday October 5th from 9am to 5pm at the Penn Plaza Hotel on west 33rd street in NYC. It is the place to be if you are interested in production, film, media, technology,acting and everything else.  To register and it’s free, go to

The other thing that is happening at the same hotel, Penn Plaza is the New York Small Business Expo.  I went to this last year and was so impressed!!  I made mad contacts and got lots of info to help my business including some deals!!  So please go to this, it is FREE to attend, oh, so is the Show Biz Expo, just go online to register. They do have seminars that are not free but to just go there and to network and get info from vendors, etc. That is free!!  To get to the business expo go to  We all need help these days whether we are a home based business, have a store front or an office. This will definitely jump-start your business.

The last mega event this week is CTAM. This is the cable advertisers conference where the big companies like Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision and the advertisers get together with networks and other media companies and discuss the state of the cable industry and to MAKE DEALS!!!  Guess who will be there among the big guys? Yours truly. I am not playing. CTAM is from Wednesday October 5th to Friday October 7th.  For more info go to

One final mention is the Lincoln Center Film Festival. It looks like a winner this year. Many films shown here have been nominated for Oscars. So if that is not enough, don’t know what is. So get to it and get on the good foot as the late great King of Soul James Brown sang.


Peggy D

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