Lloyd Strayhorn’s Fall Forecast and Romare Bearden Stamp

We all know how good Lloyd Strayhorn is with numbers, and so here is his fall forecast for all of you!!

Also wanted to let everyone know that Romare Bearden, one of the worlds great artist of our time, is getting a series of commemorative stamps in his name with his art on it!!  What a collectors item! The big reveal will be Wednesday, September 28th at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture located on west 135th street in Harlem, New York. Its free to attend, how great is that? It starts at 11am so get there a bit early.

Ok here is Mr. Strayhorns forecast


Peggy D

2011 Fall Forecast for the zodiac

By Lloyd Strayhorn

Aries:  It appears
opportunities are finally about to open up. . .just the way you like it.  As the Fall begins you’ll be able to catch up
for a change.   To finally turn your
affairs around for the better!  October
seems to be especially so.  Look to
financial improvements in this month during the week of the  1st thru the 7th.  This also includes the week of the 15th
thru the 21st.  Travel is
strongly indicated for October as well.
November suggests a possible affair of a serious nature.   It may be in connection with someone from
the past.  In addition, an adjustment of
some kind is underway regarding the home, relationship or office.  And if you’ve serious about shedding a pound
or two, the weekend of the 15th thur the 21st looks like
the best time.  Going into the month of
December, it opens on a somewhat insightful and reflective note.  Dreams, strange in nature are likely to occur
along with a sense to be left alone.  This
is so you can figure out what’s been happening in your affairs over the last
several months.  And why!  Going into the holiday week of the 22nd
, a new offer of some kind, be it business or personal is strongly indicated.

Taurus:  A transition is
about to get underway for the fall this year.
Actually it’s an exceptional time for exceptional things when it comes
to relationships of a serious nature.
The key to getting this Fall off the ground is to use your charm.  And lots of it!  An amount of patience and self-control may
come into play.  But if done properly,
it’ll make a difference as you move into 2012.
As an add-on, expect changes of even the smallest to take place also
around the home and/or work place.
November opens on a bright note when it comes to expansion and personal
improvements of all kind.  The week of
the 15th for example, is great for getting into a work-out or weight
loss program.  An element of both luck
and romance look favorable during Thanksgiving week.  As for December it suggests you take whatever
time needed to get your personal and financial affairs together in order.  This way you’ll have the best of both
worlds.  Emotionally and Materially!   Entering the final days of the year, you’ll
be in a better position to make key moves when it comes to getting things
accomplished once and for all.  That
should bring a huge smile to your face.

Gemini:  As we move into
the last quarter of the year known as “Fall”, look forward to finally making
moves that affect you and you alone.  A
greater sense of independence to do things, on your terms seems the only way to
go. The goal is to set your sites in a
new direction as the new year fast approaches.  Also make it a point of dealing with movers
and shakers. . .or at the very least, those who can make a decision without
hesitation in your favor.  November opens
on a note of uncertainty but the third and final weeks of the month however,
suggest a complete overhaul is indicated.
Take your time; turn on the charm and take a more receptive, rather than
aggressive approach.  December, which
happens to be your oppositional time of the year for your zodiac sign suggest
care and caution of over-extending yourself regardless of the circumstance.  On the brighter side, the week of the 8th
and the week of the 15th appear to be the best period to advance whatever
goals and objectives you have in mind.
Finally, if you do play your card right, you can look forward to the
next two years being the most favorable you may have experience in quite some

Cancer: Romance and finance takes a back-seat as you move into
the last quarter of 2011.  If you pay
close attention, you’ll notice a shift from social and material things, into
areas now more spiritual and intuitive in nature.  Quiet moments alone are more preferred rather
than hectic, stressful and noisy situations.
There’ll be a need to hear yourself think as well as figure out what’s
been going on in your life lately and why.
It’s like getting to the bottom of things in terms of its cause and
effect.  November is indicated as your
power month and if you raise your sites, you’ll find there’s much you can
accomplish.  The first week is likely to
be challenging but it’s about letting go rather than holding on.  Afterwards, the week of the 8th
puts you in a better situation to get things going.   Just after mid month you can expect some
positive changes, big and small.  The
last month of the year gives you one last chance to finally put non-productive
and out-dated things behind you once and for all.  But at the same time, the objective should be
to keep to a minimum whatever stress and strain that’s been hovering over your
affairs recently.

Leo:  With Venus transiting
your chart as we move into Fall you can look for emphasis placed upon the home,
family, relationships as well as obligations of some kind.  So those of you whose been going through a
period of lack of love or companionship, this period of the year going into
2012 is about to bring about a profound change in the love department.  Those Leo’s already committed of course are
likely to see other developments take place such as an engagement, plans for
marriage, an increase in family size. . .or even thoughts of returning to
school or taking a course of some kind.
October is the month where adjustments in your affairs are likely to
start.  November on the reverse side of
the coin is likely to find you spending quality with you and you along. . .as
there is a need to hear yourself think things through and what the next move is
likely to be.  Since the month of
December compliments your zodiac sign, it suggests major moves can get underway
now.  Your most noteworthy period during
the final month of the year is the week of the 8th, when you’re in a
better position to connect with those who can help you and Christmas week, when
your name and reputation is likely to really take off going into 2012.

Virgo:  Going into the
latter part of your birthday month comes a sense. . .better yet, an urge to be
more self-reliant on all fronts.  It’s
not that you don’t need others of course, but rather you just don’t need to
“check” with anyone before embarking out on your own.  It’s important you stand up for yourself and
stick by your principals.  October starts
a stage of totally new and unique experiences, especially during the week of
the 22nd.  November is likely
to slow things down somewhat, so a more patience and understanding approach to
your affairs is the way to go.  Don’t
force yourself on others; don’t allow impatience to undermine your well laid
plans.  And more importantly a friendly,
charming and receptive approach gets you the most mileage.  You’ll find the week of 22nd
exceptionally so.  December closes on a
note of fun, an element of luck as well as making the right connections. . .all
rolled into one.  So the best approach as
you wrap up the year is to maintain an air of confidence, an air of success as
well as an attitude to succeed despite the odds.

Libra:  As a Cardinal
sign, denoting a change in the season, the Fall is your home.  It’s where you shine best.  Charm and romance is best way to describe
what you’re about to enter between now and the end of the year.  Changing things around not only in your
personal life, but your home is also likely to be the theme.  Your approach to others and situations is
simple. . .be gracious(a natural for Libra), be charming(that’s Libra again)and
put on your best face9(and who does that better than you!).  Asking of others rather than demanding and
expecting will find them more receptive to your needs wants and desires.  Your birthday month starts on a note of
social engagements, perhaps a trip to a foreign place and an opportunity to get
your name out there.  November however
may puts the skips on things, but it’s about getting your house in order once
and for all as 2011 begins to fade.   The final month for the year has the word
travel and opportunity written all over it.
Travel is especially indicated the week of the 8th as well as
the final week of year.  Make the rounds.
. . .let others know what you’re working with and aim to make a refreshing
change for the better.

Scorpio:  Being a Fall
baby yourself, may find you at a cross-roads regarding your affairs.  Having to make a decision as to which direction
you wish to go, along with a number of questions, will come to mind.  Whichever path you decide to take at this
time actually points you in that direction for the coming year, 2012.  Just before your birthday, October is likely
to find that your romance and finance department of life is looking pretty good
especially during the week of the 8th. Your birthday month of
November may find you however experiencing just the opposite.  Almost with warning, you may notice a sudden
shift in your moods of being around others, and now. . .you want to spend more
time alone.  The week of the 15th
is a ground-breaking time frame to mix and mingle with those in the know or
influence.  December closes out the year
on a power note.  It’s the kind of ending
that take your breath away.  Nothing should
be able to stand in your way short of your imagination.  It’s likely to be the week of the 14th
to bring it all out.  You, Scorpio have
everything to gain, literally!

Sagittarius:  You’re
in for one heck of a Fall season Sag.
Financially, it points to a productive if not profitable period now. A
hint of what’s to come for the up-coming 2012!
You’re likely to find yourself stepping back and taking a serious look
at those around you. . .why are they in your life and exactly what part do the play
on your stage of life.  During October,
the week of the 8th puts you in a position to get with those who can
help you up the ladder.  November is
likely to find you coming to the realization that something, or someone must
go.  It’s a weeding out process.  The week just before Thanksgiving looks
favorable.  Travel is heighted as you
approach your birthday month of December.
December itself is about gathering around family members and close
friends which may explain the need to visit.
And since this is your birthday month keep a smile on your face. .
.which is a natural for your sign.
You’ll find less resistance when asking for favors as a result.  All the while, keep in mind not to rush or
wait until the last minute to do things.
It won’t fly.  Instead, go slow,
keep your eyes open and be receptive to ideas from others.

Capricorn:  Astrologically,
your zodiac sign is considered at one of its highest point during this Fall
period.  Yet, the month of October may
find you going through a little more pressure than usual.  Restrictions of sorts seem to be around every
corner.  This feeling of enclosure
however may appear to be smothering.  For
the best timing, the weeks of the 8th and the 22nd holds
the best possibilities to unravel any restraints you’ve been under.  Thanksgiving month is when you turn the
corner.  You begin to see daylight. Greater
movement and flexibility becomes easy.  Your
access to others become easy and you’ll find others as a result open and
receptive to your ideas and suggestions.
As for the last month of the year, December. . . expect to close out
2011 of a nice romantic and financial note.
The two weeks to keep in mind for your success are the 8th
thru the 14th and the 22nd thru New Year’s eve.  Don’t be surprised in the least if you find
yourself thinking, if not actually working on a diet or weight loss
program.  Whatever efforts made during this
time will more than worth while.

Aquarius:  If
house-cleaning in areas of your life now needs to get done, the months between
October and December should do exactly that.
October, going into the very first week is the best time to start the
process of eliminating negative thoughts, things and individuals in your life.  That’s because you don’t want to move forward
with past matters dragging you down.  Besides, when the month of November kicks in,
you want to be free of dead-weight, negative situations and negative people
around you.  The second and Thanksgiving
weeks, seem to be the best times of the month.
You’ll also get a chance to get with those in a position who can
possibly help you up the next rung.   Don’t be shy. . .step to the plate and speak
up without reservation.  Going into the
final month of the 2011, you’re likely to be inspired to think outside the box.
. .to look at your life and affairs through a different set of lens, and be in
a better position to determine what you want out of your relationships.  This would also include changes around the
home as well as the work place.  Tact, charm
and charisma are the best approach to use during this time.

Pisces: Have you’ve been struggling for much of the year
with seemingly nothing to show for it?
Have you question yourself as to when your break is going to come?  The good news is, this time of the year is
actually an exceptionally good period.
It also sets the tone for 2012. . .which in this case says you have
nothing but blue sky ahead.  It’s simply
a matter of how high you intend to aim.
If you aim low (think small), you’ll miss your mark and have to wait
quite awhile before trying again.
Rather, aim for the Sun. . . .think big, think global, think universal,
and the rest is likely to come.  October
says focus on what’s in your best interest.
As for November it’s about learning how to let go once and for all.  With no regrets!  It’s about creating a clean slate for yourself!  Expect the week of the 15th thru
the 21st when it comes to getting your name and reputation out
there.  Going into the final days of
December, look forward to a relationship with meaningful potential.  At the same time focus on rearranging your
home and your work space.  It’s about
putting all your ducks in a row before the year close.

Copyright 2011 LLoyd Strayhorn

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