Shame on You Georgia

I have to take time out to publicly register my disgust of the justice system in Georgia. Once again we see a Black man arrested, charged and convicted for a crime he did not do. It is a sick nightmare that has infected not only Georgia but the United States. We put more African Americans and Latinos in prison than any other country.  And we call this the land of the free and the home of the brave?  The land is not free as it was STOLEN and as far as the brave, these racist people are COWARDS that hide behind the fear of who they think Black people are and what we may do or not do. This country was built on the backs of our ANCESTORS, but let me try to reel in my anger for a moment.

The legal system needs an overhaul, it is filled with too many outdated laws and people  with 18th century thinking. The Troy Davis execution amounted to a public Lynching. I used to live in Georgia for a few years. It is a beautiful state and there are things I love about it, but it is also where the birth of the KKK started and the birth of the Civil RIghts Movement.  There are laws on the Georgia books that have been there since slavery time. They still celebrate confederates day; it’s a big holiday there where people take off ride around in trucks and wave their flags and who knows what else.  It is quite sick. racism is a sickness of the soul and of the heart which destroys the mind.  I was raised down south and have experienced what that is like, but that is another story for another time, right now, we in America need to begin to really address the issue of race in this country. It has reared its ugly head up more than ever lately in the light of us having an African American President. The poor man cannot do anything right in the eyes of the media and the congress. But let me not go there as that is another rant.

I am so sad for the family of Troy Davis and also for the killed police officer. My anger is for the idiots who did not listen and investigate the crime properly and still refuse to listen to the FACTS.  There are no winners here, except in the evil hearts of the ones who did this. The person who killed the officer is still free and another Black man has been murdered by the system.

God help us to get past our fears, hate, racism and bigotry.

God bless Troy Davis, may your soul rest in peace and your death not be in vain.

Peggy D

One response to “Shame on You Georgia

  1. Nice story Peg I’m with U!


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