Fashion Week is Gonna Be Really Hot!!!

That’s my story and I am not changing it!  I am so excited that I feel tired already about all of the really, really hot shows coming up. And guess what?  They are not happening in the Big Tent!!! Listen, I really love Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week; it has now moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center. I love Lincoln Center but for fashion it still has to prove itself. I loved Bryant Park, it just had that feel to it. Over the years, the tent has become so expensive that well-known brands have started to do their shows outside of the tent. And you know what, in came the creativity.  New designers could never afford the tent so they always held their show at another location which added so much more feel and excitement to the show. So now the big designers are catching on. Companies are now holding their own separate fashion week in order to give some really, really good designers a play; and it is working!!

Some of the shows that I will be attending are going to be RED HOT!!!!  Honey I am so excited! Then you have the after parties where you get a chance to mix and mingle with the hot, chic New York set.  Some of the new shows popping up this year are; GEN ART which takes place on Friday and will have a host of new designers with after party afterwards. Another one is 360 Style which is three days, September 11-13. 360 will feature one of my favorite sister designer teams SACHKIA!!  They are showing on the 13th at Metropolitan Pavillion. Of course I have my invite and one more ticket for a special guest!!  360 Style features a lot of urban designers so it will be a hot fashion week over there.  On Monday there will be the NOLCHA Fashion Week, which will be all day long with events and parties starting September 8th running to September 14th. Lots of accessories, shoes and other items will be featured in these shows. One of my dear friends is having a show Monday eve, Darius of Saint Wobil. He is so fierce!!  The man can design swim wear, couture, sports wear and in between for men and women!!  That is kind of unheard of!!  But he does it and does it very well. Darius is really red hot and coming up in the fashion world.

Right after fashion week ends on the 15th, we have a whole new wonderful COUTURE FASHION WEEK!!  Now this is the mother of them all because Andreas Aquino, who is the creator, producer and designer, features all types of multi-cultural designers and models. His fashion week is geared toward people. He wants the people who can’t swing an invite to fashion week, to come and enjoy fashion, entertainment, food, vendors and fun. I have seen some of the most exciting designers from Africa, Russia, Latin America and the USA.  It is Couture so it’s very high-end and fierce!! It will be from September 16-18.  Please check it out and get a ticket to this fashion week, you will not be disappointed.  That’s part of my line up.  I will be checking in and giving updates on all platforms!! This month is going to very busy as I will be coming back to you all to announce something really big that is happening in my world!!!  So stay tuned!!

Peggy D

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