It’s A Hot Summer In New York!!! Harlem Week and The Latex Ball!!

Things are heating up this weekend in NYC!! Lots of street festivals, entertainment, art, culture and even Drag Queens!!!  New York is definitely the most happening place on the planet!!  Harlem is kicking off Harlem Week this weekend. I will be giving all of you updates on things going on there. The Classic Auto Show is going to be off the chain!!! Can’t wait to experience it.

Today is the Harlem Week Tri-State Jr. Tennis Classic that is put on in association with the U.S. Tennis Association and The U.S. Open. It features the best up and coming talents in the region from 12 to 18 years old. It will go on until Sunday and is from 1pm to 7pm daily. Its located at the F. Johnson Tennis Courts located at West 150th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. for more info call 212-491-3738 or go to

Well, the next thing is my drag queens, tomorrow night at Roseland is the 21st Annual Latex Ball produced by the GMHC, Gay Men’s Health Crisis. It is a wonderful organization that does so much for the community. And let me tell you about the Latex Ball. Remember when Madonna put out the song, Vogue? Well girlfriend did not tell you where she really got it from and where the REAL vogueing came from; It came from the Ballroom Scene. That is where the most fierce vogueing is. I love this ball!!!  It’s a place where the legends show their stuff and the up and coming legends compete. It is also a very supportive community that has a lot of love for one another and the Latex Ball organization does a lot in the education and prevention of HIV Aids, supporting the youth and each other. Cannot say enough about it but you can check it out at

I will have camera in hand and if I get excited enough, I may jump on the runway and do some stuff!!!

Gotta run,

Peggy D


One response to “It’s A Hot Summer In New York!!! Harlem Week and The Latex Ball!!

  1. I miss Harlem Week, the parades, Summer Stage and all the great shows at The Apollo Theatre each year. Great memories covering those events.


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