Stop The Urban Youth Violence Forum and Concert Series

We all know the effects of what the violence in our communites has caused and is causing on a dailly basis. We have to begin to really address these issues as they are very serious.  Cornelius Ricks is spearheading this grassroots iniative called, ‘Stop The Urban Youth Violence’. There is one coming up plus other events surrounding this important issue.

The Forum will be held on April 28th, from 5 to 8pm at the Harlem Branch Library located at 9 West 124th Street between Lenox and 5th Avenue. The panel will feature the legendary ‘Last Poets’. Be there!!!

Peggy D


This is to describe what is considered an offering to commit to projects, concerning representing two venues: A free outdoors concert – On June 21st., 2011 @ Paradise Theatre located in the Bronx, NY on the Grand Concourse. This is part of a Citywide Annual Concert that will be held in all 5 boroughs and Islands of N.Y.C, an event that is under Make Music New York – Time Out Magazine- NY Metro News, which is held connecting  with the first day of summer; over 3,500 concerts will be happening simultaneously on that day. This year the concert will be named Stop The Urban Youth Violence -Against Black Youths through Hip-Hop – Save Your Health. As a District Coordinator, Linda Cocochynna Ford, CoCo Nation Corporation, has been a participant with this program, and has designated the Bronx, N.Y. as where this type of concert would benefit the youth of the Bronx, and with having the Paradise Theatre as the venue, it totally matches where Hip-Hop was born. The location is submitted to the committee, and the approval of the location is registered. The next step is Make Music New York (MMNY) secures all permits – sound-and works with the local precinct to close down the street with barricades, everything is put into place, the hosting place would provide electrical usage. Some promotion comes from the sponsors, and of course whatever is necessary to make this concert a success through promotions, tying in the Borough President(s), local politicians, schools, community boards, radio, TV, the community at large. The concert will consist of well known artists and independent upcoming artists, anything is taken in consideration for example (vending tables for selling tee-shirts, CD’s, autographs, giving out flyer’s, selling food) this is to promote and bring attention to Stop The Urban Youth Violence/Save Your Health – which will be covered by (DRA) Diabetes Research Association, definitely covering what can be turned into a tour, the concert will need: DJ-MC, Artists, and to cover the theme which is: MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK. Cornelius R. Ricks is the Founder of the following visionary initiatives: Stop The Urban Youth Violence, Friends of the Charitable Community Memorial Law Library of Harlem, Behind The Bench and Celebrity Moms Project Honoring Women. 

Parties involved in making this a successful event are:

Make Music New York, Time Out Magazine, NY Metro News

Linda Cocochynna Ford-COO/Creative Director/Special Events/Promoter/Publicist/Booking Agent – CoCo Nation Corporation

Cornelius R. Ricks, Founder, Stop The Urban Youth Violence/Publicist/Founder, Friends of the Charitable Community Memorial Law Library of Harlem

The Second Venue: CoCo Nation Corporation-DRA, is sponsoring the 5th annual USIA awards show at Paradise Theatre on Saturday Nov. 5th., 2011, which the June 21st concert would lead into the awards show. This is a show acknowledging the Unsigned Upcoming Independent Artists, this is a fundraising event that would match the anniversary of Hip Hop Royalty, Diabetes Month, and continuing bringing attention to the Paradise Theatre and the Bronx, which will be an annual event every 1st weekend of November.  

The event would have a Red Carpet, and an opportunity for Artists and Sponsors, Patrons would have networking during the Cocktail Hour, which tables would be provided for selling CD’s, autographs, tee shirts etc.

With a signed Letter of Commitment Of Appearance by Artists, live performances can be open to negotiation of monetary compensation. If sufficient sponsorship is in place within a time frame of four months before November 5th, 2011, this event is covered by DRA – non-profit 501(3)c, and all tickets and sponsorship is fully tax-deductible

For any further information on the venues: Please contact

Linda Cocochynna Ford

CoCo Nation Corporation

718-249-5889- Business Office-Mon-Fri: 1pm-7pm & Sat: 3pm-7pm

Cornelius Ricks, Founder   STOP THE URBAN YOUTH VIOLENCE

E-mail :

Telephone: 347-413-2774

                                     Anthony Andre Jones, CEO/President

                                   Film/Television Producer, Business Consultant

                                             Senoj Enterprises International

Business Consultant, Friends of the Public Charitable Community Memorial Law Library of Harlem

                        “Destiny and History Cannot and Never Will Be Denied”

                                            3520 Coach Lantern Avenue

                                       Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587                                                                                             

                              Main Production Telephone Number: 646-649-6724        

                                   Skype & Face-book: Anthony Andre Jones




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