Harlem To Get A Law Library

One of my associates Cornelius Ricks is spearheading a drive for Harlem to get it’s own law library. I think it’s a great idea as People of Color are the ones that unfortunately, have the most contact with law enforcement and in most cases do not know their rights. The law library is being supported by active and retired judges and law enforcement professionals who support the ‘equal access’ to information that is available most times, out of our community. Please read this and support it!!! I will have more info on it in the near future.





Date:                     January, 2011

Contact:               Cornelius R. Ricks &  Retired Judge Paul E. Kerson

Telephone:        (347) 413-2774        (212) 973-9339; (718)-8822

E mail:         seericks1@gmail.com         kersonpaul@aol.com

The Friends of the Public Charitable Community Law Library organizes as a non-profit corporation.

The Friends of The Public Charitable Community Law Library announces its formation as a not for profit corporation for the purpose of establishing a law library in central Harlem that will be accessible to everybody free of charge. The members of the board of directors are Cornelius Ricks, president, John Holmes, vice president, Colia Clarke, secretary, Genevieve C. Morales, treasurer,  Andrew Besin, Esq., Andrew Marshall, Esq., John Durst, Esq. and retired Judge Jay Stuart Dankberg.   Paul Kerson of Leavitt, Kerson and Duane is the organization’s attorney.  Cornelius Ricks has produced a number of community forums entitled “Stop The Urban Youth Violence” and “Behind The Bench” in Manhattan.  The idea for the establishment of a law library accessible to the public free of charge is the outcome of the “Behind the Bench” forums whose panels consisted of judges and lawyers.  The Innocence Project has shown that New York has the largest numbers of persons who have been denied due process in the judicial system, as reported by New York 1 News. Besides allowing the people to access legal knowledge to help defend themselves in civil and criminal matters, our goal is also to  decrease the amount of violence among the youth via the influence of the young law students and lawyers who will volunteer in the law library.  Statics have shown that only 3% of the doctors and 14% of the lawyers in this country are Black.  We hope more of our youth will be persuaded to become lawyers.    

Monetary donations for the founding of this wonderful project for the urban community will be accepted.

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