‘Deposit a Gift’-A New Way Of Gift Giving-CASH IS KING!!

Every now and then you run across something that is really unique and revolutionary but makes so much sense. That’s what I found when I met Dana Ostemel, Chief Gift Giver of ‘Deposit-A-Gift’. We met at ‘Launch It, Dream It, Live It’, sponsored by Ladies Who Launch, a wonderful group that is really proactive about assisting women  who desire to go into business by helping them to goal set, develop business plans, connecting them to resources and people who can help them. Can’t say enough about them, ladies, connect with this group, they are the real deal.

Let’s talk about Deposit a Gift. It is the online Cash Gift registry site for all of life’s big events. It’s free to sign up and  you get your own site. You can use it for weddings, honeymoon, fundraisers, growing and expanding your business and just about anything you can think of that you would want to raise money for. This is great!! You get a free registry and website to spread the word about what you need. No gift wrap, no return, just cash to spend as you like or for what you list on your website, it’s up to you.

Here is how it works; guests contribute monetary gifts that go into a personal account which you can access at anytime. The cash is yours to use towards anything your imagination can conjure.

Because DAG is a registry service instead of a store or travel agency, you’re free to make purchases whenever you like.  There’s lots of information on the site to answer all of your questions. DAG make their money by taking a 7% fee from your monies or from the depositor. This is good for the holidays but also for many other things during the year, especially for businesses. There are examples on the site to give  you ideas. Go to http://depositagift.com

New Cash Registry Website Modernizes Gift Giving

January 21, 2010—New York, NY—Engaged couples, expectant parents—and anyone else celebrating a big event—have a new tool at their disposal to get exactly what they are looking for: Deposit a Gift.

Deposit a Gift is a new cash gift registry website that aims to bring asking for money—rather than presents—into the mainstream. Here’s how it works:

  • Users make gift registries just like people do with a traditional store registry, using a database of images or by clicking on a pre-made list. They can choose anything, from honeymoons to home down payments, from cribs to college funds.
  • Guests choose a gift to purchase, finding the right price point for their budget. They are not actually buying the present, but it feels more personal than sending a check. The money gets deposited into the recipient’s Deposit a Gift account.
  • When users are ready to spend the money, they cash-out in the form of free direct deposit, check, or VISA gift card.


Dana Ostomel, a marketer and branding expert, started the company because she wanted to simplify and modernize gift giving. “Little has changed about registries since they were introduced in the early 1900s, but the way we live has changed significantly,” says the 33-year-old founder, who was inspired to start the business after her 2008 wedding. “People today need flexibility and cash gives them just that. There are no returns, no space constraints. People can spend the money where they want, when they want.”

“But knowing that some people feel awkward asking for money—and others are not accustomed to giving it—Deposit a Gift mainstreams the process with a user-friendly site modeled on traditional registries. Users share their wants and dreams with their guests, who help them achieve their goals.”

The business has been gaining traction since it launched a few weeks ago, with UrbanBaby calling it “So efficient. So 2010. So on the money.” (You can follow Deposit a Gift on Twitter @DepositaGift and check out their Facebook fan page.) For more information or to speak with Dana, contact her at dana@depositagift.com. 

Peggy D!! 


2 responses to “‘Deposit a Gift’-A New Way Of Gift Giving-CASH IS KING!!

  1. Hi Peggy – What a lovely surprise to find this post about us! Thank you for your kind words. If any of your readers have any questions, feel free to send them my way for a personal chat. We are happy to help 🙂 Cheers!

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