‘Luther’ Starring Idris Elba, Episode 5 overview

Here is an overview of  Episode 5 of the exciting and suspense filled new detective series on BBC America starring Idris Elba.


When an art dealer’s wife is taken hostage at gunpoint, Luther leads a tense investigation. The hostage takers want payment in diamonds so, stalling for time, Luther substitutes a bag of replacement diamonds from the evidence safe. Luther and DCI Reed are on hand to arrest the gang members picking up the gems, but when everything starts to unravel Luther begins to suspect that even Reed has double-crossed him.

Luther tries to persuade Reed that between them they can make it work, but Reed knows it’s only a matter of time before Luther has to give him up. Terrified and distraught, Reed goes to the only person he knows Luther will listen to – Zoe.  Episode 5 premieres Sunday, November 14, 10:00p.m. ET/PT

Peggy D

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