‘Luther’ Episode 4 overview and Photos

Here is the overview of Episode 4 of ‘Luther’ starring Idris Elba and  my Luther photo gallery for all of you who really love this series.


After spending a night with Zoe, Luther believes they are now back together. Meanwhile, serial killer Henry Madsen, the man responsible for Luther’s extended leave, has woken up from his coma. A worried Luther knows he must focus on his latest case.  

Across London, four young women have been murdered. Despite the hundreds of hours of surveillance footage and the huge pool of witnesses, no connection can be found between them. But the time between murders is decreasing – whoever this killer is, he’s on a spree. He’s going to keep killing until he’s caught.

Convinced the unknown killer will strike again that night, Luther must work against the clock to identify his man. At the same time, he must convince Alice that he can’t see her any more. Because of Madsen, it’s just too dangerous. But can Alice ever accept this? Episode 4 premieres Sunday, November 7, 10:00p.m. ET/PT


Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson


Ruth Wilson


Idris Elba as Luther

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