Summit On Children of Incarcerated Parents, NYC Real Estate Expo

Hope you all are having a great week!!  I have been so busy building my media empire!!  UBC has some really exciting things coming down the pipeline soon.  Announcements are forthcoming!! Wanted to let you know about a really wonderful organization that is helping the children of parents that are incarcerated. It’s the Osbourne Association. They are based here in NYC.  Sometimes we forget the innocents that suffer because of their parents wrong choices or mistakes. These children are precious and need support and caring. We have to break the cycle that is all too well-known within our families and our communities. The Osborne Association is having its first ever ‘NY Summit on Children of Incarcerated Parents’. The summit will include different agencies, law makers and YOU! Yes, you do have a voice and a say in how we reshape and change the destiny of our youth. You can attend this summit on November 15. It is a FREE EVENT!! It will be most of the day. To register, go to  For more information on the Osborne Association, go to  Great organization!! They provide programs and support to NY State Prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families.

A Call to Action: 2010 NY Summit on Children of Incarcerated Parents

The Summit will develop a strategic action plan for safeguarding the well-being of New York’s children whose parents are in the criminal justice system.  There are over 100,000 children in the State who have an incarcerated parent at any given time, and thousands more who have parents who were arrested or incarcerated or under correctional supervision at some point in their lives. The action plan/ report that will result from this Summit and the pre-Summit meetings will be given to the new Administration in Albany, as well as City and State agencies. The report will include concrete recommendations for policy reform, program development/ expansion, training, inter- agency coordination, and more.

We are excited about the agenda for the day which will open with a panel of young people whose parents are or have been incarcerated. Then we will hear from 4 Commissioners and the Brooklyn DA. We will have a performance by Daniel Beaty, a talented performer whose one man shows have made Broadway- his father was incarcerated for most of his life and he will perform a spoken word piece he wrote about how this affected him. The afternoon will be working groups in the 5 tracks and we will gather at the end to hear from the Mayor’s new Fatherhood Coordinator and wrap up.

Another happening is the NYC Real Estate Expo 2010 that is taking place Friday, November 5th from 9am to 5pm at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. There will be over 45 prominent speakers discussing today’s most relevant topics on residential and commercial properties. There will also be lots of exhibitors. Some of the speaker and panel topics will cover social media and targeted marketing strategies. Great time to do deals in the real estate market today. Not only residential as there are some commercial deals to be had. We all need space and the best one to have is one you OWN!!  So go check this out! To register go to

Last but definitely not least is the latest television viewership numbers and show rankings by Black viewers. This was provided by my good friends at Target Market News.

For the Week of October 4-10th, 2010

Top 25 Broadcast Shows in Black Households

 Rank | Program | Network | % AA Homes | % of AA | No. Viewers 2+

3 60 MINUTES CBS 10.8 5.5 2,072
5 LAW AND ORDER:SVU NBC 10.2 5.1 1,903
6 LAW & ORDER:LA NBC 9.8 4.7 1,754
8 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 9.0 4.2 1,581
9 THE GOOD WIFE CBS 8.3 4.0 1,491
10 GREY’S ANATOMY ABC 8.3 3.8 1,432
11 UNDERCOVERS NBC 8.3 4.1 1,537
12 UNDERCOVER BOSS CBS 8.1 4.3 1,617
13 FOOTBALL NT AMERICA PT 3 NBC 8.0 4.2 1,590
14 NCIS CBS 7.6 3.6 1,351
15 DETROIT 1-8-7 ABC 7.5 3.7 1,400
16 AMAZING RACE 17 CBS 7.4 4.2 1,573
17 PRIVATE PRACTICE ABC 7.3 3.2 1,212
18 CRIMINAL MINDS CBS 7.3 3.4 1,272
20 HAWAII FIVE-0 CBS 6.9 3.1 1,176
21 NO ORDINARY FAMILY ABC 6.8 3.8 1,427
22 BLUE BLOODS CBS 6.6 3.3 1,222
23 THE MENTALIST CBS 6.5 2.9 1,108
24 CSI: NY CBS 6.5 3.3 1,233
25 FAMILY GUY FOX 6.4 3.4 1,286

Source: Nielsen Media Research. Number of viewers ages 2+ shown in thousands (1,000 = 1 million). Rankings are based on share of black households. Representing more than 13.45 million television households in the U.S., the African-American television audience is the largest minority segment in Nielsen measurement samples. All times eastern.

Check back for more good and interesting STUFF!!

Peggy D

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