‘Luther’ Episode 2 Overview

Luther starring Idris Elba is one of this season’s hottest television series. Just had me wanting more and that is a very good sign of a show that is well written and acted. I am posting an overview of this week’s new episode. Will have more on Luther in the coming weeks ahead.


Luther is called to the shooting of two uniformed police officers. The murders are cold blooded but appear motiveless. Luther quickly realizes the killer is a soldier and he seems to be targeting anyone wearing a police uniform. With Ripley’s help, Luther identifies the killer as Owen Lynch but not before they are called to the scene of another police shooting. Three more police officers are gunned down.

Meanwhile, Alice has been investigating Luther and to his horror, seems to know what happened to Madsen during his arrest. She baits him further by asking what Zoe would think if she knew the truth. Concerned for her safety, Luther urges Zoe to leave London as he fears Alice will come after her again, but Zoe refuses to believe him.

Trying to uncover the killer’s motives, Luther discovers that Owen is taking his orders from his father, Terry Lynch, a convicted police killer. Terry wants his sentence reduced and is threatening further deaths unless his terms are met. Determined to flush Owen out, Luther gives a taunting television interview, ensuring that all of Owen’s anger and hatred is focused on him. In an effort to catch his killer, has Luther just signed his own death warrant? Episode 2 premieres Sunday, October 24, 10:00p.m. ET/PT

Peggy D

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