Television Festival and More!

'Running Wilde Talk Back'The NY Television Festival has wrapped up and was a pretty big success this year. The land of TV is changing for sure and we must all move forward into the new age of digital technology and multi-platform distribution. People today are watching their favorite programs on smaller devices and whenever they want to. Digital Day was my favorite day as it gave me insights on what is to come and affirmed that the path I am taking with my media business is the right path for me and what UBC has to offer and will be offering in the future to the masses. The Multiplatform and Transmedia Storytelling was great, so was the MSN panel on original content. You can see all of the panels online by going to the NYTVF website which is listed in my blog.

Writer’s Boot Camp had a great panel on character development, storyline development and the difference between writing for television and for film. Great panel. They have offices in New York and give classes online and in person.  Quite a few people who have taken their courses write for many of the major television shows today. If  you are serious about becoming a professional writer you have to put in the time and study to do so. It takes talent but it is also a skill. Go to  for more info.

This has been a big week in the advertising world as Advertising Week kicked off in NYC on Monday. Lots and lots of panels, parties, networking, awards…. too much for me to say here. The world of advertising is definitely changing. And guess what? Its going digital. The gap is closing between traditional television and multimedia and social media. Ad agencies now have to re think their strategies. Also the next thing in the mix is the fact that the world is becoming more Black and Brown. multiculturalism is the new buzz word.  Every company from MSN, Google, Yahoo, AOL and you name it was here this week. The conference is wrapping up with a big party hosted by Facebook Thursday night and guess who will be there getting her network on?   Check it out at

Another good thing going on this week until mid October is the Hip Hop Theater Festival. I will have more on that in a couple of days but you can go to to check it out. Lots of dance, theater and great art!!

Remember that tomorrow is the memorial for ABBEY LINCOLN. That Friday evening. Check it out in my blog listing.

Finally-whew!!  This saturday is Back Stage’s Actor Fest.  If you are an actor, actress, singer, dancer or performer, you must attend. They will have workshops, you can meet casting directors in person, photographers and many other people and companies that are in the industry of film, television, music, radio and theater. Dont forget voiceovers. If you are serious about your career, please go there. There will be reps from the soaps in addition to producers, directors, etc.  A regular pass is FREE!!!!  Just sign up. The workshops are usually a reasonable fee. Go to   This should be enough for you.



Cast of New Fox Series 'Running Wilde'

Will Arnett star of Running Wilde

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