BBC America’s ‘Luther’ Mini-Series

The New York Television Festival has been a blast for me! Made lots of business contacts, met some of the big players in the television world. The festival has been very worth my time to attend. We as producers, writers, etc.  have to get out there and test the waters, especially when we’re  aspiring to rise up the ladder in our careers or business. The festival also helps you to see how your idea stands up against others that are similar and to see how to tweak it one way or another. As we all know this is the new television season. We are ready to welcome our familiar favorites back for another season and there are new shows to see and experience. One of the premieres that I was very pleased about was the new mini-series that is debuting on BBC America called ‘Luther’. It airs Sunday October 17th at 10pm est. Please, please, please see this!!  First of all it stars Idris Elba of the Wire. He is one of my favorite actors because he is one of Best Actors out here today! And I just love the Wire. It is hands down one of the best shows on television. Well written, well casted, well produced. Idris plays Luther, a brilliant detective tormented by the darker side of humanity.  Luther sheds a light into the hearts and minds of psychopaths and killers. It’s very intense as he is riding a thin line between being a cop- the good guy and crossing over to the dark side of the criminal aspect. He actually goes back and forth emotionally but mentally he fights it. He is in a constant battle within himself. His personal life is messed up, he is heartbroken and does not know how to deal with it. He is so keen on seeing the killer  from their point of view.  Just lots of action and as I said before; intensity. I have to also applaud BBC America for casting an African-American as a lead where the story is centered around him. I also applaud the creator Neil Cross for creating such a great story.  This is what I have been preaching about for years. We have to stop being one dimensional in the television industry. There are so many cultures that deserve a chance to be in the spotlight. So many actors and actresses of Color that are among the best there is in the industry. We do have the chops to do the big roles!!  Just give us the opportunity.   The cast includes Ruth Wilson, Steven Mackintosh, Indira Varma and others. Check it out!! go to  I will be back with more wrap up on the festival and more good stuff happening.



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