NBC Universal Short Cuts

NBC Universal hosted its 5th Annual Short Cuts 2010 Semi-Finals at New York Televison Festival. It was hosted by Greg Giraldo. Its part of NBC’s Diversiy Initiative to be more inclusive of culture and give opportunties to up and coming young producers, directors, writers, actors and actresses of color. 9 shorts made the cut from thousands of submissions. The finals will be held in Los Angeles. I loved all of them. Very good work, good stories, good production. One of my favorites was Gordita. It dealt with a young Latina woman’s poor self image of herself because of her obesity. How she overcomes. A really relevant story facing millions of teens today. I applaud NBC for stepping out and addressing the issue of the ‘lack of color’ on network television and the ‘lack of our stories being told’. Everyone has a story to be told. It is very difficult to get anything into the networks in order to pitch them. That is why NYTVF is so important to up and coming artists and even established ones. You get the opportunity to meet and greet, pitch your story and get tips on what the networks are looking for when you do happen to get the opportunity to get in front of them. It is a hard business with no particular roadmap to success but NBC has taken a stand to at least help and to open up an opportunity for people of color. That is one of the main reasons why I created my company and have worked hard over the past several years to put something in place where we can tell our stories and be heard nationally and internationally. More info on what I am doing will come very soon. We will be making our big announcement. Getting back to NBC, you can check out the shorts and get a ton of additional information on their program by going to http://NBCShortCuts.com 


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