Stop the Urban Youth Violence Event

We all know about the rampant violence going on within our communities across America. It is out of control. How do we solve this problem? I think we must begin to have public forums that give eveyone  an opportunity to speak, debate, discuss and come up with SOLUTIONS!!  That is what my friend Cornelius Ricks is doing. He will be hosting a panel this weekend at the Harlem Book Fair on Long Island,  Saturday, September 18th from 12 noon ro 6pm. The location is the Freeport Recreational Center, 130 East Merrick Road in Freeport, Long Island. The person hosting the Book Fair is Blondell Davis and she can be reached at 516-379-5466 for more information. There will also be a panel on ‘What is the State of Black Men in America’. Well that is definitely a very hot topic and yours truly will be on that panel. I will have to let you know how it all turns out. I am a firm beliver that we must address the issues that face our community head on. No more side stepping. At this posting,  I do not have the names of the other panelists for the panels but will definitely do a follow up as this is an important topic. 

Also the New York Urban League will be hosting its annual Football Classic on September 25 at the new Meadowlands Stadium. There will be a battle of the bands, VIP parties and lots of activities that surround these wonderful games. I  love HBCU football and this will be good. For more info go to

Peace and Love

Peggy D

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