Venus Williams at Hue-Man Bookstore

Lots of things going on at Hue-Man Bookstore this month. One of the biggest hightlights will be the Venus Williams book signing of her new book,”Come To Win”.  Venus will be there Monday, September 13th at 6pm. This will be a ticketed event so get there early!!  It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to meet one of the greatest tennis players in the world. And I say greatest not just in women’s tennis as Venus can whip just about any male tennis players’ butt too!!  Her and her sister are just THAT GOOD!!!  It will be great to have Venus in Harlem, USA, where she is loved and adored by us all. So please come on out!!

Another powerful woman making an appearance this month at Hue-Man is Judge Glenda Hatchett. She will be promoting her book, “Dare to Take Charge”.  I love the title already!!  She is a lady in charge for sure. I have so much respect for Judge Hatchett. She has one of the best court shows on television I think. She doesnt feel she has to make you feel small in order to get ratings. She really cares and really has a strong desire to help people. She is a great human being. So please stop by and meet her, buy her book. Bask in her positive energy!!

Check out the other great authors and events happening at Hue-Man Bookstore at   Hue-Man is located at 2319 Fredrick Douglass Blvd, bet. 124th and 125th Street, New York, NY 10027.


Peggy D

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