The King Of Pop- You Will Live Forever!!

Today I am celebrating the life of Michael Jackson. I cant believe it has been a whole year since his passing. It feels like yesterday to me. My heart is broken in two. What a talent, a humanitarian, a gentle person, a genius. I was influenced by the Jackson 5 growing up, had their posters all over my wall. Did their dances, in fact my brothers and sister had a dance-a-thon with Motown’s music. It was so much fun. Those songs inspired to me become a singer, a writer and producer. The lyrics were just so good, the music poppin and it touched your soul. MJ was a big part of my growing up and I have always played MJ’s music throughout the years, not just because he has passed away. I am a true blue MJ fan but of course I love music, singing and good lyrics. 

Today there are celebrations all over the world for this man, the great man-child. We are especially giving tribute to him here in Harlem!!  We love you MJ!!  The Apollo is having an tribute, Sylvias and all of 125th Street in Harlem is popping with Michael Jackson music, t-shirts, pens, photos and everything MJ.  WBLS radio station is pumping music here  at the state office building and people are dancing, singing, crying  and doing what we do here in Harlem. This will go on all night.  I am out and about taking video and hope I can share some with you all soon.  All the TV news trucks are here as they know where MJ will get his due!! right here in Harlem USA.  So hey Michael, I know you are looking down on us and smiling. You and the King of Soul- James Brown!!

Peace and Love

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