What Father’s Day Means to Me

I am giving tribute to my daddy today, Charles F. Dodson. Actually, I do this everyday. My father and my mother are my role models. They both did things that even today I wonder how they did what they did. Daddy is with GOD now and I feel his support of my visions and dreams everyday. He always supported me in my creativity and my dreams. He was one of the very few African American Master Plumbers in America way back in the 50’s and 60’s. He started his own company called Dodson Plumbing Company. I begin working with him at age 10 just doing office work and learning what it takes to be a real business person and visionary at the same time. He taught me discipline and how to never give up during adversity. He helped me to be who I am today and I love him very, very much. So yes, I am a Daddy’s girl and am very proud of it!!
Peggy D

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