Women in Tech Media

The Women in Tech Media  was very informative. It was a part of the Internet Week that just happened. The panel included Jennifer Hyman CEO of Rent the Runway, a company founded in November 2008. Rent the Runway is a members-only fashion community that  enables women to rent a designer dress for a special occasion in her life for 4 days. She is now expanding into renting other items that people normally would  have to spend a lot for but will only wear once or twice.

Dorothy McGivney worked for almost six years at Google until she decided to create Jauntsetter, a travel site and e-newsletter for New Yorkers.

Jordan Reid founded RamshackleGlam.com. Its focus is on home decor, style, entertaining, cooking and do-it-yourself projects.

Tammy Tibbets created She’s the First, a global campaign that promotes the importance of educating girls in the developing world. ShestheFirst.org leverages your women’s passions and networks offline and online via social media.

Last but not least was Neha Chauhan of JP Morgan. She developed My Social Impact, a website that uses social media to track social impact

The dialogue was very upbeat and positive. The women discussed their success stories and the challenges they faced while putting together their start-up companies. The thing I got the most was that you have to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!  If you feel you are stuck in the corporate world, go out and do something that creates a life for you that you can be happy. It will definitely be hard work and you have to know how to build a team of experts that surround you. But it is definitely worth it.

Peggy D

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